Most Massage Parlors Are Therapeutic

The Massage Industry in PV Isn’t Sexual

Puerto Vallarta has erotic massage, but it’s not a sure thing.  Mexican girls are poor.  You’d be astonished how little young women earn.  $1000 USD a month is an unheard of salary.  So if you watch for signs of encouragement, you can turn shop girls, restaurant waitresses and even stay-at-home Moms into hookers.  They’re not in that business, but some are willing if the price is right.  Getting laid in a massage parlor is mostly a matter of attraction, chemistry, timing and dumb luck.  PV is not like Ixtapa, the best happy ending massage town in Mexico. 

Are There Massage Places That Operate As Brothels?

The short answer is “yes”.  The real answer is more complicated.  Mexico allows legal prostitution.  But each municipality and state has their own sexual culture and laws.  In PV,  Happy Ending Massage Parlors are illegal.  They get shut down, reopen, then shut down again.   Websites like this one get updated every year or two, which is enough to keep up with strip clubs changing names.  Massage parlors go in and out of business every couple months.  It’s a waste of time to keep up with the changes.  But if you’re determined, you can find a Rub and a Tug.  The question is “where”?  A better question is “why bother”?

Find a Young Taxi or Uber Driver

If your comfort level doesn’t extend to brothels, hooker bars and strip clubs, find a good taxi or Uber driver.  They cannot be trusted to recommend strip clubs. (The places that pad your credit card offer drivers big commissions to deliver lambs to the slaughter.)  However, they can be trusted to recommend erotic massage parlors.  The massage will cost you anywhere from $25 to $70 USD.  Handjobs, blowjobs and full service will cost anywhere from and additional $25 to $300 USD.  That’s 4 to 8 times the going rate in a brothel.  Again, you have better options.  But the heart wants what it wants.  Enjoy your vacation any way you see fit.