PV Independent Escorts Are Hard To Find

Geography and Economics

Puerto Vallarta and Nuevo Vallarta are set on narrow strips of land with the beach on one side and mountains on the other.  Most escorts live at the extreme ends, while the tourist hotels are spread out along the coast.  The majority of hotels are not “escort friendly”.  This means that travel times for a date can easily be two hours, plus the time it takes for the girl to get ready. 

While the girls normally take buses for their everyday life, they have to take taxis to meet you for a date.  (Slut clothes, makeup and perfume are not common in public buses.)  To go through the trouble and expense to arrive for a date, only to be sent away by hotel security is an economic disaster for most young escorts.   Throw in “no show” clients, language barriers and the rudeness by hotel staff and you can see why there aren’t many independent escorts.

Strip Clubs, Brothels and Hooker Bars Are Safer

As a result, most girls will accept less money for the “sure thing” of jobs at strip clubs, brothels and hooker bars.  (Hooker bars are strip clubs without the stage.  They look like a normal bar.  Girls sit and drink with clients, who then take the girls out of the bar for sex.)  They make less money, but they avoid the humiliation and expensive taxi rides of a failed date as an independent escort.  There is also the comfort of dealing with “all Spanish” environments.  They can talk to the clients and the other girls without the language difficulties.  A lot of these young hookers are single moms living at home.  They need to know they will be bringing home some money.   

Entering “All Spanish” environments

You may think that it’s all but impossible for an English speaking guy to meet and seduce a Spanish speaking hooker.  It’s surprisingly easy.  Mexican clients don’t have much money.   Also they are dirty, rude and cheap.  If you go into a predominantly Mexican hooker bar, strip club or brothel, you’ll be a rock star.  The waiters and the girls will work with you on the language barrier.  They respond to courtesy and respect, especially if you have a few dollars to spend.  Have a translation app on your phone.  The advantage to going to where the Mexican girls are is better quality at a lower cost.  As a “NorteAmericano”, you’ll end up with the best looking girl in the place and pay her half (and often less) than what an independent escort would cost.  

Don’t Be Afraid of the Unknown

Puerto Vallarta is a town where tourists are king.  As long as you don’t act superior, aggressive or disrespectful, you have nothing to fear by going to places where you are the only English speaking gentleman.  Saying “please” and “thank you” and smiling are not signs of weakness.  Whether it’s a brothel, strip club or hooker bar, expect to get the best looking girl in the place.  You’ll be the one all the girls want.  You’re a rock star.  Be nice, but enjoy your status.