A Rainbow of Strip Clubs

Monterrey Has Every Level, From Royal To Raunch

Monterrey is just 150 miles from Laredo, Texas, and is the factory center of Mexico.  There’s money changing hands, and lots of entertaining to woo big contracts.  A few thousand USD getting a client drunk and laid could be a good investment.  Especially if you’re on an expense account.  Then you have the workers with good jobs, but not ready to shell out 3 months salary for a night at a deluxe strip club.  Monterrey has figured out how to please everyone.  There are clubs featuring chubby chicks eager to swallow cum to elegant ladies with perfect bodies…..who are also eager to swallow cum.  The difference is quality and price.    

Bobby Jack Relates His Experience

“As for strip clubs, I would avoid super high end and super low end. So avoid Amnesia and Matahuela. It’s 10000-20000 pesos to score with a girl at Amnesia and the drinks for girls are $600. What a waste. Matahuela on the other hand are all burrito shaped gorditas.”

The Most Expensive

Amnesia is the Studio 54 of Monterrey right now.  They cater to cliente willing to pay for the finest.  It’s not just a strip club.  They have a buffet to die for.  They also have incredible entertainers to bring you back to life.  They have a nice website.  Prestige has a website also, but it’s not stylish.  They are both a buffet and a strip club.  It’s a nice place, but maybe doesn’t deserve to be put in the same class as Amnesia.    

The Most Affordable

Matehuala and Harem are the places you can go on a budget.  Harem seems to have better looking girls than Matehuala, but anyone who’s spent time in these clubs knows the girls turn over constantly.  They’re not far from each other.  Check them both out if you’re interested.  

Other Clubs

Pasarelas Cabaret
Palmeiras Mens Club
Colorado’s Caberet