Monterrey Has Dishonest Escort Services

A Business Built on Lies, Deception and Poor English

Alicia Dolls House has been the biggest escort agency in Monterrey for many years.  They are the largest source for high level escorts in Monterrey.  They’re not the only game in town, just dominant.  But their success has not come without controversy.  Especially with their American clients, deception and a disregard for agreements has become standard operating practice.  Their first lie is with their photos.  Former clients say that the girls don’t look like their Photoshop images online.  That’s when they send you the girl you requested.  That’s not often.  They have built a business on sending whoever they collect the most commissions from.  

Business Model: Bait and Switch

The most common complaint is that they agree to send you a particular girl, then they send whoever they want.  Reports suggest that the girls they do send are often hot.  Therefore, in the end, none of this may matter to you.  For a lot of guys, a hot girl is a hot girl.  By the time the girl you didn’t order arrives, you’ll probably say “what the hell”.   The motive lies with the girls they hire outside the city who get preferential treatment.   Alicia makes more money from using these girls, fuck bunnies who have up to 5 different guys every day.   Read on to find out what a former client said.  

A Former Customer Explains Their System

BobbyJack says “I was in Monterrey recently.  First of all, there is no doubt Alicia’s doll house has awesome escorts. However, it is bait and switch nonstop. Sure the switch is usually solid and you are not going to say no, but I don’t understand why they keep doing it. I told them not to do it anymore, and they still did it again. Their model is basically rent a couple of apartments in the city and have girls from outside the city (and even foreigners) stay there. These girls get pushed hard because they have 100% availability. Whoever you choose, they will send the one that is available at their apartments. I am done with AliciaDollhouse and do not recommend them. They did it to me again after I already warned them. I asked for one of the petite girls and they sent me a burrito. I think they are basically scam.

Other Options

There’s an expensive alternative to Alicia.  It’s called Regioscorts.  They attract the low end of the escort scale, but still charge premium prices.  Of course, all you need is for them to have one good escort.  All the online forums recommend independent escorts in Monterrey.   

“Early” is 45 Minutes Late.  Late is 3-4 Hours After The Appointment

HectorSanchez reported “I got girls mostly from Aliciasdollhouse. I paid about 1600 pesos for supposedly 2 hours of company. All 3 arrived late and left early. The first girl was very pretty but gave a shitty experience. The other 2 girls were 6 out of 10 but were pleasant. All 3 girls were late by at least 45 min. I have used Alicias and my experiences has been mostly bad. They quote the escorts for 2 hrs and none of them stay more than an hour.  Mostly you don’t get the girl you are requesting. Forever the photos on their websites are very very misleading and Photoshopped. Don’t even trust them. The experiences suck. The girl quality was inferior. And girls always always show up 1-2 hrs later. Sometimes they were late by 3-4 hrs.  Finally, I have complained this to them multiple times but all efforts in vain.

Other Feedback

LastChance said “The tattoos and the faces of the girls are erased from the online photographs. I hate tattoos.”

Eric Morsa reported “There are agencies with fake photos, especially the ones advertising university girls. In some cases the agencies send another girl. Not the one you asked for, especially Aliciadollshouse. They are famous for that.”

“Surfer007 I would rate the girl 8.5/10. I would rate communication between Alicia and the girl: 0/10 . Since I don’t speak Spanish I made some arrangements with the agency. But it seemed like the agency never passed that info to the girl. I am disappointed that my wishes were not passed to the girl. Next time I’ll try with independent girls.”

To Summarize, Even The Worst Source of Escorts In Monterrey Are Excellent

Monterrey has its sex engine pumping on all cylinders.  The strip clubs are good, there are brothels, streetwalkers and happy ending massage parlors.  We even noticed swinger ads.  But at the end of the day, Monterrey is a town that motors best with independent escorts.  To summarize,  even the dishonest, overpriced escort services have gorgeous girls.