Inexpensive Brothels in Monterrey

Barely Pretending To Be Massage Parlors

Do a search for “Monterrey brothels” on Google and you’ll get many, many Spanish language ads for massage parlors.  It’s great.  The only other Mexican city that even comes close is Ixtapa.  They run from modest private houses with several bedrooms converted to serving clientele to luxurious locations with elegant lobbies.  The prices change with the quality, but the girls seem equally stunning in their publicity photos.  As usual, the faces are usually blurred to protect the entertainers.  

Some of the prices are ridiculously low.  There’s so much sex for sale in Monterrey, a girl has to be working for an escort agency or high end strip club to make over $1000 pesos for full service.  You can score a hot teen for as little as $600 pesos.   

Taxi Driver Are The Easy Route

All of the brothers and massage parlors in Monterrey are located within a few blocks of each other.  You can do all the research online, or you can simply ask a taxi or Uber driver for help.  Visit our vocabulary page for useful phrases if you can’t find a driver who speaks English.  You will end up near the intersection of Ignacio Zaragoza and Calle Reforma.  Many of the strip clubs are located in the same neighborhood.  

Online Resources

 If you speak a little Spanish or know how to use the “translate page” feature on Google Chrome, the best source for all sexual ads is Mileroticos.   We all have our favorite rituals and preferences.  Some guys love starting in a strip club and ending in a motel de paso.  (Those are the short time motels with the big walls around them.)  Other guys are wired for brothels.  Mileroticos has everything but strip clubs.  You can fine tune your Mileroticos search for keywords like “anal” or “terminando”.  Anal you probably get.  Terminando means finishing, like cum in mouth.  It’s easier to use the translate page feature on Chrome, but it won’t help you with slang.