Jossy – Best Reviewed Escort in the DF

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Jossy is unique.  She is a beautiful woman who dislikes having her picture taken.  Want to guess what her hobby is?  Photography.  When asked why she doesn’t smile in her photos, she laughs and says she isn’t comfortable.  To look at her photos, you’d think she is remote, unemotional, almost untouchable.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  Jossy’s reviews talk about her smiles, her intelligence, her personality, and her warmth.  Some of the more direct reviews also say she is a passionate lover, with fiery kisses and breathtaking oral skills.  Jossy is the kind of girl most men hope to marry; a lady in public, a whore in the bedroom and always one of the kindest, most attentive women you could hope to meet.

+52 5534 757 497

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Number+525534 757 497
CityMexico City
LanguagesSpanish, Good English
Bra Cup Size36C
Happy Ending MassageYes, likes very much
Vaginal sex with condomYes
Girlfriend ExperienceYes
Kisses with tongueYes, her specialty
Blowjobs with condomYes
Blowjobs without condomNo
Cum in mouthYes, with condom
ThreesomesCouples only
Lesbian ShowNo
Threesomes with girlfriendsNo
Anal SexYes (depends on size)
Fantasy and RoleplayNo
Price, one hour$200 USD
Price, two hours$350 USD
Price, Cum in her mouth 
Price, anal sexNegotiated
Price, couples, one hour$300
Threesomes with GF 
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How To Make A Date With a “Spanish Only” Girl

If you’d like to make an appointment with her, it’s best to contact her by Whatsapp or email.   Her English is not good.  Use a translation app like Google Translate.  With the language barrier we recommend NOT asking a lot of unnecessary questions.  Whether you speak Spanish or not, she will need the same information for each appointment.
  1. Day and date of the appointment.  (Monday the 1st.)
  2. Time of day.  (Monday the first at 9PM.)
  3. Number of hours.  (Monday the first at 9PM, for one hour.)
  4. Name and address of your hotel.  (Often there are two hotels with the same name, especially with chain hotels like Hilton. Name AND address please.)
  5. Room number.
  6. Full name, as registered with the hotel.*
  7. Do you need a room key to use the elevator?

 Example Message

Example of a good Whatsapp or email message.  THIS IS THE ENGLISH VERSION.  IT NEEDS TO BE TRANSLATED TO SPANISH.  “Hi. I would like an appointment, one hour, Monday the 1st, starting at 9PM.  I will be registered as Robert Baratheon.  I will not have a room number or know if you need a key for the elevator until I check in.  I will contact you in the afternoon on Monday with my room number. You are gorgeous and interesting.  Please respond as soon as you can, and tell me if our date is confirmed. ”   She can put that message into Google Translate and she will understand EVERYTHING.  KISS = Keep It Simple …

Why She Needs Your Real Name

*She will be stopped in the lobby.  If she knows your full name as registered with the hotel AND your room number, she is allowed to pass.  First names, nicknames and false names make it worse.  Your escort will be treated like a criminal until you rescue her.  Humiliation will not start things off well. If this sounds like a lot of work, we recommend looking at the photos again.  Imagine her undressing.  She’s totally worth it.