VIP Escorts in Mexico City

No Agencies, Lots of Independent Escorts 

Escorts in Mexico City don’t work in agencies. That’s illegal in the DF. They work as independent escorts, as well as in strip clubs, brothels, and massage parlors. They even walk the streets. But in Mexico City the government guides you towards the indepedents. Their reasoning is unique. It’s legal to be a prostitute, but it’s illegal to profit directly from a girl’s sex work. That drives brothels and erotic massage parlors underground. Escort agencies try their luck but are usually closed within a short period of time. That’s why the independent escorts in Mexico City so well.  It’s not like Cabo, where most of the hookers work in the strip clubs.  

Mexican Women As Escorts

In the DF, you’ll find everything you could possibly want sexually. Around 1910, 12% of the women were registered sex workers.  Those percentages probably haven’t changed much.  Why are so many Mexican women drawn to prostitution?  The macho culture extends to business.  Women are expected to be pretty.  Intelligence is not prized for females.  Mexican men want Madonnas and Whores.  They don’t want competition.  Women don’t have opportunity in the workplace.  So how can a girl make real money?  Be a Madonna (a wife) or be a whore.  Women with beauty, intelligence and class can enjoy high incomes.  Women with beauty only work the streets, or find jobs as strippers.

Escort Competition Creates Excellence

Competition is fierce in the DF. You will find that the prices are high in Mexico City, but the quality of the professional escorts is exceptional. These pages contain the cream of prostitutes in Mexico City. Most girls here are artists in their professions. There is no comparison to the putas found on the street in the city center red zones. Check out the photos compared to the border city prostitutes. Their hair, makeup and clothes (when they’re not completely naked), suggest a higher level.

Vibrant Swinging Scene

There is a huge swinging community. If you’re a couple and planning to come to Mexico City, take Spanish lessons. At the very least, visit our vocabulary page. Whatever your level of trading is back home, you will score better couples and singles here. If one of you is a blue-eyed blonde with fair skin, you’ll be in higher demand than ever before. Mexican women are very tolerant of a few wrinkles, and love a real gentleman. Tough guys expressing macho bullshit in Mexico have a short life expectancy. Macho Mexican men fuck, they don’t make love. A man who injects a little courtesy and romance in the exchange will go far.

Health Concerns

In cities like Mazatlan, the local government registers all the sex workers in legal brothels and strip clubs.  This means all the girls get checked regularly for STDs. Because the DF doesn’t allow this type of business, the girls are much more susceptible to disease.  Your best protection is common sense and a condom.  Because independent escorts rely on reputation and repeat business, they are cleanest, safest girls to enjoy sex with.