At Least 3 Strip Clubs in Merida

El Jabín

This strip club is in West Merida; Jacinto Canek X 130, Calle 59 S/N, El Porvenir.  Alex reports “Good merchandise.  Dances are $100 pesos.  Buckets of beer cost $220 peos.”  Other reviews warned of dishonest waiters overcharging credit cards and aggressively about asking for tips.  In all fairness, aggressive waiters are pretty typical in Mexican strip clubs. 

A good cure is to actually tip them, but demand service for your money.  The waiters always know which girls give good blowjobs and which have bad reputations.  NEVER NEVER NEVER use a credit or debit card in a strip club.  Always pay cash as you go.  Plan ahead and have plenty of $200, $100, $50 and $20 peso notes.  Another common complaint about strip club waiters and bartenders is that they never have change.  Take a few minutes at the bank and get several thousand pesos in small bills.  You’ll save money.

El Harem

Located at Calle 56 x calle 37 y 37,  in Centro.  There are only a few reviews of El Harem, and none of them were kind.  The words “rip off” and “boring” were used.  Who knows?  Strip Clubs change managers, dancers and waiters like normal people wear socks.  Unless there is an owner present as a manager, strip clubs can change completely month to month.  


This is the highest rated strip club in Merida.  Located at Calle 22 306 x 41 y 43, in Colonia Amalia Solorzano, this club gets consistent positive reactions.   The girls are pretty, the interior is large and luxurious, and they serve real food. (Not just bar snacks).  There’s lots of neon inside and out, and everything looks two levels above what you’d expect in a sleepy town like Merida.  

Other Clubs

Some reports talk about other strip clubs in Merida.  Osiris is mentioned.  Taxi drivers always know where the strip clubs are located.