Student Escorts of Merida

Not Many To Choose From

If you’re looking for a huge escort scene in Merida, you’re in the wrong place. Think about it.  If you were a hot latina escort, where would you go to work? Merida or Cancun? Cancun is a city of rich tourists.

A guy who calls himself Perry Mason #1 lays down the law about escorts in Merida in an older City X Guide forum report. “Merida doesn’t have much of a pay for play scene. There used to be three escort-massage agencies which sent you a nice gal for $300 USD an hour or $400 for two hours, but they seem to have closed. I have yet to find any street walkers here. There are very few other Gringo mongers there as the majority of tourists are of the backpacker grunge vintage.” Case closed.

Students, Housewives, Amateurs 

About the only place to find a good selection of escorts in Merida is Mileroticos.  The photos of Melany are typical.  She is an 18 year old student amateur who sucks cock without a condom (BBBJ) as well as regular sex for $800 pesos, one hour.  You’ll find the most expensive girls cost only $1200 pesos.  (About $60 USD.)  If you search Google for “escorts Merida” you will find other escort sites, but all the others combined don’t match what Mileroticos has.  There is one busty teen (not natural) who advertises unlimited anal for $1200.  That means during your one hour appointment you can have as many orgasms as your body can deliver.  

Sex Motels

If you are travelling with a significant other or you can’t bring an escort to your home or hotel for any reason, don’t give up.  Get a motel de paso.  These are motels set up just for sexual liaisons.   They may be new to you, but any experienced escort has used them.  Any cab driver can recommend one.  Go to the motel, check in, then let your escort know your room number.  She won’t leave her home without a room number.  You’ll become addicted.  They are clean, safe, convenient and a lot of fun.  Expect to pay $800 pesos, about $40 USD, for a room with jacuzzi and a stripper pole.