Few Independent Escorts in Manzanillo

 Escorts Are Rare in Small Town Atmosphere

Manzanillo has 150,000 people, so it’s not like some dusty puebla in the interior with 150 people.  But it feels that way.  Most citizens have lived here all their lives.  The people live simple, quiet lives and everyone knows everyone else’s business.  There are always a few girls who just don’t care, and you’ll find them on Mileroticos.   Compared to cities like nearby Guadalajara, the pickings are pretty slim.  Many of the ads are from deceptive.  You think you’ll meet the girls at your hotel, but they want you to watch them masturbate via an internet connection.  There are called Cam Shows.  Other ads just want to see you photos and videos.  Manzanillo telephone numbers start with a 314 prefix.  Be careful with ads outside the area.  

Girls From Colima

Colima and Manzanillo are neighboring cities, about 1 hour apart.  It’s far enough where a girl who makes an appointment won’t have a friend from high school show up.  So often Colima girls will visit Manzanillo and vice versa.  Also, many Colima girls will come to Manzanillo with a day’s notice.  You’ll need to make the appointment in Spanish, using Whatsapp and a translation application or Google Translate.  If you’re determined to get an independent escort and don’t find what you want in Manzanillo, check out listings on Mileroticos in Colima.   You wouldn’t be crazy to visit Colima anyway.  They’ve got wine tasting tours and the Colima Volcano.

The Amateur Professionals

What is an amateur/professional?  This is a hot girl who would never consider working in a strip club or brothel.  But for the right guy and the right price, she’ll be your whore while you are in town.  The waitress who lingers at your table, batting her eyes and flirting with her shoulders?  She might be willing.  Ask her when she gets off.  The store clerk who asks personal questions totally unrelated to your purchase?  She might be ripe.  Why, you might ask, are we talking about this on an escort page?  Because she’ll want money.

Closing the Deal With an Amateur

It’s a cultural thing.  They can’t just fuck you, even though they want to.  But a Mexican girl can justify having sex with a foreigner if she’s paid.  She’s not a whore because you met innocently.  But she’s also not a slut to be picked up because you will pay her.  Let’s say an attractive girl doesn’t break eye contact on the street.  Approach her and start a conversation.  Ask her to dinner or for a drink.  Coffee.  Doesn’t matter.  Tell her you’re lonely, horny and that you think she’s amazing.  Would she consider having sex with you?  Mention you could be “generous”.  She’ll get the message.  You’d be astonished how often this works.  Don’t assume because you’re in your 50s and she’s much, much younger that her interest is innocent.  She may not have that much experience and wants a lover who knows what to do.  Just keep and open mind and watch for possibilities.