Manzanillo Brothels

There Are At Least 4 Brothels in Manzanillo

We already covered Masajes Dany and Masajes Las Vegas on the “massage” page.  Around the corner from Dany’s and Las Vegas (they are almost next door to one another) is a third.  If it has a name, we weren’t told.  It’s a converted one bedroom apartment.  They had 4 girls when we were there and only ones bed.  The 4 girls weren’t traditionally pretty, but all were do able.   There was one girl who looked 14 to 16, then three very busty overweight girls in their 30’s.  None was fat.  All looked horny.  One slipped us her phone number after we selected another girl.  (Not the teen.)  She came to the hotel room later and stayed the night.  Amazing sex.   BBBJ-CIM and swallowed.  Uncovered anal.

Brothels Disguised as Massage Parlors Use a Taxi Driver

We covered the strange laws governing brothel sex on our massage page .  They’re the same thing, brothels and massage parlors.  This is true in Manzanillo, the city of Colima, Guadalajara and many other central Mexico cities.  The convoluted law says you can’t pay the house the full fee.  You have to pay the house for the massage and then it’s OK for the girl to sell herself into prostitution.  There is a small bit of logic.  Mexicans like prostitution, escorts and whore houses, but they don’t like pimps.  It’s illegal to profit from the girls sex work.  So you make two payments.  It’s Mexican logic.

Other Brothels in Manzanillo

There used to be one in Salagua, by the old bullfighting ring.   It was on a side street, up a flight of stairs, with three bedrooms, one with two beds.  There was another near the corner of Paseo de las Gaviotas and Elias Zamora.  That was run by an oriental girl who lived there.  Police kept trying to bust her, but since she was living there they couldn’t prove she just didn’t have a lot of male friends.  The sleazy hot bitches there with her?  Roommates, of course.  A good taxi driver will know locations, prices and reputations.  Few taxi drivers in Manzanillo are “in the know”.  Get a younger one who knows his way around, and tip him well.

Use a Taxi Driver

It’s easier if you go in a taxi.  For one thing, they know where all the brothels are.  Don’t let the driver leave until you select a girl.  Take him inside with you, if possible.  You enter and the excitement begins.   The girls line up.  (Occasionally, in the afternoons there is one girl.  The lineup, called a pasarela in Spanish, is pretty dull when there’s one girl.)  Here’s the tricky part.  It’s very common for you not to want ANY of them.  That’s why you don’t let the driver leave.  Be nice, but say “no gracias” and go to the next place.

A Word About Uncovered Sex

Some of us don’t like condoms.  We were taught that it’s suicidal not to use condoms, like Russian roulette.  The reality was shared with us by our Mexican doctor.  Most STD’s are cured with 3 injections.  Syphilis is a little nastier but still curable.  In Mexico, all these medications are readily available and super inexpensive.  If you get one STD a year, it’s cheaper than buying condoms.  What about AIDS?  Our doctor said you are more likely to be hit by lightning than to get AIDS from boy-girl sex.  Even then, treatments are available.  Better than a lightning strike!  

Brothel whores almost always require condoms, but many independent escorts make judgment calls.  Especially if you are a clean, healthy Gringo, they’ll often let you in uncovered for a small tip.  In 9 years in Mexico, we’ve used condoms in less than 10% of our encounters.  We caught chlamydia once.