Escort Agencies vs. Escort Directories

Escort Services Are Illegal

The man who likes escort agencies wants to do business professionally. He doesn’t want some street hooker in his hotel room stealing his wallet. You have a right to expect that the agency will deliver what they promise, on time, at the rate agreed, and that your escort will be willing and knows what she’s doing. The larger agencies work hard to earn repeat business. Sometimes they cost a little more, though often they are no more expensive than the going rate. Mexican law is that prostitution is legal, both for the client and the sex worker.  However it is illegal to directly profit from an act of prostitution by taking a fee or percentage of the earnings.

It Is NEVER Illegal To Be a Client

The escort agency rules are mostly unenforced, except in Mexico City and Guadalajara.  Escort services in Guadalajara come and go.   You as a client are not breaking any laws.  But don’t expect that you are developing a long term relationship with an illegal business.  Agencies don’t last in Guadalajara.  You cannot build a relationship with Guadalajara agencies.

Escort Directories

The independent escorts of Guadalajara have a several excellent directories to choose from. They are not agencies. You must call the chica listed. Escort agencies have people to answer the phones, and if one chica isn’t available they can suggest another or arrange for another time. With independent girls, they can’t always pick up the phone. (Mama taught them not to speak with their mouths full.) The directories, with multiple girls all in one place, are a convenient way to browse and select a companion.  Our own website is a directory.

What’s The Difference?

The difference between an agency and directory is the phone number.  An escort service uses one phone number.  That phone is answered by the agency owner or an employee of the owner.  The escort pays a percentage of their earnings, usually the next day.  A directory uses a phone number provided by the prostitute herself.  She answers her own phone, just like an other independent hooker.   Agencies and directories are all mixed together.  Search Google for “escorts guadalajara”.