Independent Escorts in Guadalajara

Hurry Up and Wait

If you want a high-level independent escort, be prepared to wait. Guadalajara is like the Los Angeles, hopelessly spread out. Many gentlemen ask for a chica in 30 minutes. It’s fantasy. Figure a minimum of 2-3 hours for a high-level escort to shower, change clothes, put on makeup, grab a taxi and travel to the client. Experienced whore mongers in this town learn the value of advance planning.  There are also easier, faster solutions than escorts.

No Show Escorts and Clients Both

Even the escorts who live in Guadalajara don’t estimate arrival times correctly.  They say they’ll arrive in 45 minutes.  After an hour and a half or two hours, it’s common (and understandable) for guys to think she’s not coming.  They leave for a bar or strip club, the girl arrives two hours late and her client is gone.  Now she’s stuck with an expensive cab or Uber fare and no client to help offset the cost.  The next guy that calls her and sets a date will receive payback for the first guy.  She’ll make the date and won’t show up to get even for the first time.  Illogical?  You don’t know many whores.  They’re mostly crazy. 

How To Find An Independent Escort

No one with experience has trouble finding a willing girl in Guadalajara.  For most citizens, the search begins and ends with Mileroticos.  This is where Mexican whores search for Mexican clients.   If you speak Spanish or understand your phone well enough to use both Whatsapp and a translation app, English speaking clients can create messages in Spanish.  Your reward for the effort will be getting a better girl at a lower price.  It’s no secret men who can’t speak the language pay more for almost everything in Mexico.   If you don’t mind paying a little more, do a Google search for “escorts english guadalajara”.  Almost all girls who put “I speaka da Inglish” in their ads don’t.  The reason to contact them is that they WANT to meet you.

Private Residences Are OK

One interesting difference in Guadalajara is that most prostitutes are willing to go to private residences. We’ve been in business 9 years. In Mexico City we have had two girls who ignored our advice and took appointments in private residences. Both times, they were drugged, anal raped and beaten.  Both times, the police did nothing.  In Mexico City, these guys are just psychopaths.  In Cancun, or in Cabo, prostitutes who accept dates in private residences have recently met the local narcos. They beat the girls unless they agree to pay half their wages to the cartel.  These innocent escorts are often far from home.  They have not one to protect them.

In Guadalajara, Rape an Escort and Meet Her Family

However in Guadalajara, many visiting businessmen are not there for 3 days of intense meetings. Many are there for 6 months to a year. They rent apartments or stay in company housing. More customers live in private residences.  Unlike other big cities, too, most prostitutes in GDL live at home with their parents.  Their entire families are from here.  Rape, beat and threaten a Guadalajara escort, and she won’t call the cops. She will tell her brothers. The robber/rapist won’t deal with some fat, bored, corrupt policeman looking for a beer and a bribe. He’ll deal with 5 or 10 angry male relatives, and they will fuck him up.  Punk narcos know beating women is a bad idea.  There’s no protection.  The males in the family will fuck a rapist up no matter how connected the coward is.  This is a town that operates on street justice.  The escorts feel safer here than almost anywhere else in Mexico.