Escorts Are Beauty Queens in Culiacan

Lots of Amateur Escorts.  Lucky You!

Culiacan is a large city of 900,000, yet it’s small enough where the independent escorts are very shy about their ads online.  Very few show their faces.  It’s not that they are hiding ugly features, far from it.  The problem is most are students, housewives or secretaries in government offices.  They need privacy.  

You’ll find a lot of ads on Mileroticos.   This is by far the largest escort site in Mexico.  Because the ads are free, you need to be careful.  If the phone prefix doesn’t start “667” the girl advertising wants to sell you photos and videos, or a cam show.  (She has a camera and masturbates for you from another city.)  In other cities, girls list 5 to 10 photos.  In Culiacan, they use one or two.  They don’t want to be discovered and “outted”.  No Culiacan escorts speak English.   

How To Protect Yourself From Scams

All Culiacan phone numbers begin with 667.  Sometimes girls claim to be new in the city.  That’s fair.  A lot of escorts travel.  They visit family, have working vacations, and visit regular clients in different cities.  The way to tell the difference is to copy their phone numbers from the ad, then paste the number into Google.  If the number starts with 55, for example, the woman is probably from Mexico City.  You’ll know it’s a scam, if she is running ads all over the country.  If it’s real, your Google search will reveal most ads from (in this example) Mexico City.  Consequently, this escort is legit.  She’s just traveling.   

Sometimes They Sell Photos and Videos

It’s fine if that’s what you want, though we don’t understand why you’d settle for photos and videos when the internet has tons of free porn.  Read the ads carefully before you contact your hooker.  If you don’t speak Spanish, Google Chrome has a “translate to English” feature.  Use a translation app to send her a Whatsapp message in Spanish.  To make a date, visit our Making a date with an escort who doesn’t speak English page.  It’s a step-by-step instruction list of how you can start making connections with Hot Hookers without knowing Spanish.