Acapulco Brothels Are Too Dangerous

Not The Brothels You Know

Canadians usually have experience with their own brothels.  Americans think of massage parlors.  Experienced travelers in Mexico may have a third type in mind, the “casa de citas”.  But regardless of your experiences, going to a brothel is not safe in Acapulco.  Like in Cabo,  the cartels in Acapulco have taken over.  Worse, they make more money from robbery, kidnapping and extortion than they will by splitting $1500 pesos with some fat 40 year old.  Brothels in Acapulco aren’t worth the risk.

Two busty topless brothel whores on a couch
brothel escort showing her big butt

Safest Ways to Get Laid

If you are staying at a resort, the safest place is to stay there and have an independent escort come to you.  However, if your hotel is all-inclusive, you won’t be able to get a girl inside.  Ask someone local who speaks Spanish where the nicest “motel de paso” is located.  That’s a “short time motel”, where you rent a room for 4, 6 or 8 hours, depending on their program.   

A Culture of Cheating

Successful married Mexicans are culturally unfaithful.  If they can afford it, they often have permanent girlfriends.  The wives and girlfriends are both jealous.  The solution is the motel de paseo.  A guest will enter through a narrow, gated passage with a kiosk.  It’s like a drive up window at a burger joint.  You pay from your car or taxi.  You are given a garage door opener, a television remote and maybe a key. 

Frequently the doors can only be locked from the inside.  Remember, you are only there for a few hours.  Most people don’t bring anything and don’t leave until they are finished.  A jealous wife or girlfriend cannot enter.  Even if she crashes the gate, the car is hidden behind a garage door.  That way, a successful Mexican businessman can fuck his secretary without the wife or the girlfriend knowing.  Vive Mexico!