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Vocabulary To Use With An Acompaņante

With just a few key phrases, you can be having sex with beautiful chicas tonight 


You don't have to learn Spanish to have good sex in Mexico, but some words are necessary to speak with an acompaņante.  The more you know, the better experience you'll have. Most escorts don't speak much English.  Especially with a hooker from an escort service, you'll pay extra if you need an English speaking Mexican. If you're just out for a one-time thrill, pay the toll.  If this is a lifestyle and you're a true Hobbyist, you'll want a few words in the language of the girl you're trying to seduce.  It's respectful.  It's also a negotiating tactic.  Many prostitutes will try to charge an unsuspecting Gringo extra.  If you speak even a few words, she's going to assume you know the going rates.  


Here are a few basic words and phrases that could prove useful. Combine them to say what you need.  Mexicans dislike English accents as much as the average white person dislikes poorly spoken English by Mexicans.  However, if they want your money they will suddenly understand your bad Spanish as if you were fluent.  Combine the phrases for more complete questions and comments.  I've tried to give you a phonetic spelling after the Spanish word.  Apologies.  My keyboards doesn't have the accent marks necessary for perfect Spanish.  When I've written a phonetic suggestion, and the letters are in capitals, you put extra emphasis on that part. i.e. Tijuana = "tea-JUAN-ah" or "tea-HUAN-ah".  If you want to pronounce the word correctly in Spanish, it's not "TEA-ah-wanna". 


Google has an excellent English/Spanish, Spanish/English translator .  They even have a little speaker icon.  Click it and you'll hear the Spanish pronunciation.  Other websites have vocabulary sections, including Mexican Hookers. To use the Google Translator, just copy the Spanish words or phrases from this page, then paste them into the translator.  It will only take a few minutes to learn the words you need.  This way, you can both save money AND get the prettiest putas in Mexico.  Very few of the girls speak English. 


If you'd like to communicate with your escort once she's in the room, have your laptop set up for Spanish-English in Google Translator.  It will be a great icebreaker.  Also, have a cold beer, wine or other beverage ready.  Chances are, she'll be more nervous than you.  There are hardenend whores in Mexico, but there are also many, many girls new to the business.  Setting them at ease will get you better sex.   



To Set A Date With A "Spanish Only" Hooker


Quiero una cita (Key-AIR-oh oooh-na see-tah) - I want a date.

Es (what time you want to meet, let's say PM) bien?  (Sss new-A-vee bee-n?)  Is 9 OK?

Estoy en (your hotel).  (Sss-toy N hotele Ambassador.)

Quiero chupa sin condom (Key-air-oh shoe-pah seen con-dome.)  I want a blowjob without condom.

Quiero trata de novia ( trah-toe day nov-E-oh)  I want a girlfriend experience (kisses)

Quiero besos con lengua (Key-air-oh bay-sose cone len-gew-ah)   I want kisses with tongue.

Quiero anal (Key-air-oh ah-nal) - I want anal

Cuanto es el precios total? (Kwan-toe Sss el pray-C-oh toe-tawl?)  How much for everything?


Learning just these few phrases will get you an appointment time, a few basic sex acts many guys want, and a price.  If you absolutely have to have a BBBJ, for example, you can make sure your escort will give it to you. 


Useful words


propino (pro-PEE-know)                  tip

acompaņante                                     nicer way of saying "puta"

dama de noche                                  nicer way of saying "prostitute"

Chupa (shew-pah)              Blowjob

Mamada (maw-maw-dah)  Blowjob

Cohair (COH-hair)             Vaginal sex

Anal (AH-nahl)                    Anal sex

Puneta (Poone-nyet-ah)      Handjob

Besos (Bay-sohs)                Kisses




Sex Acts and other important words


Chupar (shew-pah)             To suck

Mamada (maw-mah-duh)            Blowjob

Cohair (COH-hair)            Vaginal sex

Anal (AH-nal)                    Anal sex

Puneta (Poone-nyet-ah)      Handjob

Besos (Bay-sohs)               Kisses


Condon (con-doan)          Condom

Quiero (key-AIR-oh)        I want

Cita (See-tah)                   Romantic date (also a business appointment)

Casa de Citas                   "House of Dates", or brothel.

Tienes (Tea-N-ace)          Do you have....?

Tengo (Tang-go)               I have....

Propino (Pro-PEE-no)      Tip


Intercambio de parejas     "exchange of couples", or swinging

(Inter-cam-be-oh day par-A-hass)


tetas (tay-tass)                       Breasts

pechugas (pay-chew-gaws)   Breasts

chi chis (chee-cheese)            Breasts

coņo  (coin-yo)                      cunt

penoche (pen-OH-chay)        pussy

vagina (bah-GENE-ah)          vagina


limpio (Leem_PEA-oh)          clean

ducho (due-cho)                    shower

toalla  (toe-ALL-ah)              towel


mensaje (Men-SAH-hey)      massage

contingo (cone-TEA-go)       with you

conmigo (cone-ME-go)        with me


retiros (ray-TIER-ohs)          no tell motel

mordida (more-DEE-dah)     "the bite" or a bribe


novia (no-vee-ah)                 girlfriend

novio (no-vee-oh)                boyfriend

Money, Time, and Amounts


Don't be afraid to use your fingers if you're not sure your Spanish will be understood.  Sometimes Mexicans can be willfully ignorant, especially in negotiation.  You may be suggesting a lower price in perfect Spanish, and they'll pretend not to understand. 


dinero (dee-narrow)                          money

cartera (car-TERR-ah)                       wallet

tiempo (tea-M-poe)                           time

mucho (moo-choe)                            much


Cuanto es? (Quan-toe S)                   How much is it?

Que mucho? (K moo-cho)                 How much?

Es mucho!  (SS moo-cho)                 That's a lot

Cuanto es por... (Quan-toe S poor)   How much is it for.....

Minutos (me-NEWT-ohs)                  Minutes

Una hora  (ooh-nah oar-ah)               One hour

hora y media (oar-ah E may-D-ah)    One and a half hours

Dos horas (doh-es oar-ahs)                Two hours


Diez  (D-sss)                                             10

Veinte (Bain-tay)                                       20

Trienta (Train-tah)                                     30

Cuarenta (Quar-EN-tah)                           40

Cincuenta (Sin-QUEN-tah)                       50

Sesenta (Cess-SEN-tah)                           60

Setenta  (sah-TENT-ah)                            70

Ochenta (oh-CHEN-tah)                           80

Noventa (no-VEN-tah)                             90

Cien  (                                                     100

Ciento Cincuenta (See-N-toe...)              150

Dos Cientos (Doz  See-N-toes)               200

Tres Cientos (Trace See-N-toes)             300

Quatro Cientos (Quah-tro See-N-toes)    400

Quientos (Keen-nien-toes)                       500


Mil (meal)                                            1,000

Mil quientos                                         1,500

Dos mil                                                2,000


Useful phrases


Eres bonita (air-ace bow-knee-tah)                                          You are pretty

Eres hermosa (air-ace her-MOS-ah)                                        You are beautiful

Sus ropas son bonita (Sue-Ss row-pahs sewn bow-knee-tah)   You have pretty clothes


Donde eres? (doan-day air-ace)                                               Where are you from?

Donde esta?  (doan-day Ss-tah)                                              Where is it?

Quiero terminar en su boca                                                      I want to cum in your mouth.






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