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Note:  it's important to talk about safety, but in Mexico prostitution is legal.  This changes the safety rules considerably.  Overall, it is far safer buying sexual services in Mexico than it is in the U.S. or Canada.  Most guys are not concerned about safety, take risks and never have a negative experience.  However, it's a scary time in Mexico.  The country is controlled by drug kings, not the government.  The police and the military are underpaid and corrupt, receiving more money from the cartels than their salaries.  You're protected in the tourist areas.  Outside, you're on your own.  Yes, most men from the North are bigger and stronger than the average Mexican.  But there are always clever predators willing to wait in ambush.  A little common sense will greatly reduce your chances of being hurt.   In general, the closer you are to the border, the greater the danger. 


Police Shakedowns - The most common problems in Mexico don't involve violence.  The biggest problem is police shakedowns.  The average city policeman looks at a Gringo like a Gringo looks at a cash machine.  It's nothing personal.  They just want you to give them money.  They'll make up a problem unless you are generous and have attracted attention.  If you don't speak Spanish, it can be harder.  $500 pesos usually buys you out of anything.  (That's about $40 USD.) If you're Canadian and want to negotiate your bribe, start at $20 pesos and have fun.  The nicer your car, clothes, (especially your shoes), watch and haircut, the more expensive it's going to be.  Stay calm.  If you haven't committed a crime, let things flow.  Take pleasure in this unique life experience.  He's not going to shoot you or take you to jail.  You're probably going to end up paying this poor, fat bastard in a uniform to go away.  Don't threaten or make big gestures that will frighten him.  Don't be an Ugly American.  You're just driving up the price.  Be calm and friendly.  Make friends.  Smile.  Be nice.  He's going to hold your ID, knowing you'll probably pay to get it back.  Apologize for whatever he says you did and don't argue.  Ask what it will take to make the problem go away.  Claim poverty.  (Hard to do standing beside your Mercedes, but give it a shot.)  It's a negotiation, and you're probably going to end up paying something.  Take note of the details.  You'll want to tell a good story later.  Some people successfully play dumb (some aren't playing) until the cop gets bored and leaves.  This works especially well if he doesn't speak English and you don't speak Spanish.  Trust your instincts. 


Ripoffs - Use common sense.  Don't pay in advance for sex, except to the escort.  Don't give some guy on the street a deposit.  Don't ever get separated from your wallet.  If you want to use the bathroom or take a shower after sex, take your valuables into the bathroom with you.  Don't ever leave a hooker alone in a room with your valuables.  (This isn't your wife or girlfriend.  This girl can get dressed and be out the door in seconds.)  Women often have men protecting them.  Don't be alarmed if they knock.  (Mexicans are famous for knocking on the door, telling you your time is up.)  Don't let the padrote into your room.  (Padrote means "stallion" in Spanish.  Another word is "pimp".) 

  • There's safety in numbers.  If possible, don't go anywhere alone.  Stay in lighted areas around people. 

  • Don't get sloppy drunk, especially if you're alone.  You're an easy target.

  • Don't flash a lot of cash.  Estimate how much money you will need, then take twice that.  (You'll be surprised how quickly it goes, and how glad you are to have extra.)  Tip your wallet towards your face when you take money out.  Pretend you're playing poker in a crowded room and don't want anyone to see your cards.  Don't let anyone see how much money you have. 

  • Leave most of your ID, credit cards, your watch and other jewelry at your hotel or other safe place.  Plan as if you knew you were going to be robbed.  Ask yourself; what could you easily replace?  If you're married, leave your wedding ring and other valuables in the hotel safe as you leave.  You don't want to be explaining how you lost your wedding ring at night in Mexico. Take your driver's license and the cash you think you will need.  Put your largest bills in a different pocket  

  • Be aware of your surroundings.  Part of the reason the tourist areas are safe (or safer) is that they are well-lit.  Trust your instincts.  Stay alert.

  • Take a taxi home, particularly if it's late at night.  All of the strip clubs and many casa de citas will have have taxis standing by outside.  Even if your hotel is only a few blocks away, take a cab.  In the rare instance where you go to a private home or other location where you won't be able to find a taxi afterwards, make sure you make arrangements to have your taxi pick you up afterwards.  Get the cell number of your taxi driver just in case he forgets or you want to be picked up early. 

  • You're safer in Mexico than the U.S.  However, if you get confronted by bad men with knives and serious intent, don't struggle.  Give up your cash.  That's probably all they are after.  Don't try to be a hero.  It's not worth the risk.

The safest way to enjoy an adventure is to have a girl come to your hotel room.  However, if you are traveling with your family, this obviously is not possible.  Massage parlors are safe, daytime adventures, but usually limited to a hand job.   The next safest experience are the strip clubs and brothels.  They hire security to protect the customers.  You won't be robbed inside a reputable strip club or brothel.  They don't want negative publicity. If you're in Cancun, Cabo, Cozumel, Playa del Carmen or another nice tourist destination, these precautions may not be 100% necessary.  However, you need to be careful anytime and anywhere you seek sex for cash.  


If you have an experience to relate, or want to add a comment, please share with the community.  Be careful.  Have fun.