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D&T from San Diego, California write "My wife and I just tried to go by Estetica Lobo for a massage.  I should mention that we both knew they offer more than massage and we have an open marriage. There were two girls there. One was very petite and looked under eighteen and the other had your normal Hispanic curves and early twenties at most. Both very attractive although the younger one seemed a bit uncomfortable being there but made an attempt to smile. The other knew how to make you feel she wanted to spend time with you. The price is now 300 pesos for the room and the proprietor said they only massage men.My wife offered to wait for me".  We should all be so lucky, having your wonderful marriage.  Congratulations. 


In an extensive and well-written cityxguide forum report, DT from Seattle writes about Esterica Lobo, a massage parlor in Zihuatanejo. "Estetica Lobo is open noon to 9pm mon - sat (closed sunday). I walked up and the sliding door to the office was closed and locked, but there was a little buzzer to the right of the sliding glass doors. I pressed that and a guy came out through a door in the metal fence to the right of the sliding glass door, and asked me if I wanted a massage. Oh boy did I want a massage, but not from him. I said yes, he said the price was $250 pesos (about $25 US) and said they had two girls on duty. I looked and one was in her early twenties and so/so, nothing special, the other was younger and cute. Small tits and a bit of a belly, but nice legs and a cute face, in a Catholic Schoolgirl short skirt and white top. I'd guess she was only a few days over 18 at best. I asked the guy if he knew which gave a better blowjob and he suddenly lost the ability to comprehend english. Oh well. I gave the dude $300 pesos and asked for change, he made a very feeble attempt to find change and then shrugged his shoulders. Oh well. For me, the charge was now $30 for the massage I realized. Next time bring exact change I told myself. The girl motioned for me to go to room 3. I went in and waited. Room 3 was sparse, just a table with a small mattress and pillow, and a small shower stall.

When she came in she told me her name was Diana or something like that, gave me a kiss on the check and sorta rubbed against me, then asked me if I wanted a shower. I took the soap she offered and quickly rinsed my body then hopped up onto the table. She'd left the room again so I waited a couple minutes, sitting there but naked. She came in, gave me a once-over with her eyes, reached out and sorta shook my flacid dingus, and told me to roll over onto my stomach for the massage. I complied and she applied some lightly greasy massage oil, something like an unscented baby oil (warning for any hobbyists that are there with a significant other). As she gave a decent body rub I caressed her legs and thighs, then reached up under her short skirt and rubbed her naked and shaved pussy. Very nice. Eventually she sorta reached under me and grabbed my cock, I rolled over and pulled her down to me and we kissed deeply for a minute. She then told me if I wanted additional services it was extra. I asked for bbbj but she insisted it would be with condom, and the price was $80. I agreed, she insisted I fondle her tight little titties for a bit and chewed on my ear, then finally put a condom on me. She gave a decent bj with lots of ball licking and sucking, slowing taking me in while staring into my eyes, a very decent job for such a young lass. After a few minutes she stood up and motioned for me to slide into her while standing behind her, I complied and withing 2 minutes I'd finished. She was very tight and very cute, and actually seemed to be into it (or was very good at faking it which is probably more likely). Either way, I gave her $90 and didn't ask for change, and headed out to the street. On the way out I passed the central area where the girls sit and there were two different girls, one pretty cute who looked me up and down and whistled. Aye, if only I were 20 again I would have grabbed her and headed right back again but the truth is I'm 47 and will wait until monday or tuesday to return.
  "  Nice story.  How many of us have made a selection, only to find a better choice was available later?  One thing to mention as well about prostitutes in particular and Mexico in general is that NO ONE EVER HAS CHANGE.  Smart people always travel with lots of small bills.  Get them from the banks, when you exchange dollars for pesos.  You'll need your passport when you do almost any business in a Mexican bank. 


If you've got a story, please share it.  We like the ones with a Happy Ending, but the others are instructional as well.  If you've made mistakes, let others learn from them. 




Hi, Guys  I'm Karla, a local massage therapist.  I charge $200 USD an hour.  I give real massages and full service, not just a bad rubdown and a handjob.  I'm worth every penny.  Call me for details.