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Finding Hookers in Villahermosa


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Servicios eroticos en Villahermosa?  Si!   It means "beautiful  village" but Villahermosa, with a population of around 250,000, is nobody's village.  It's the capital of Tabasco state and is the commercial and distribution center for the surrounding region. Oil is big. The city has a large collection of Olmec and Mayan artifacts, and the Mayan influence can be seen in the city's architecture.   (Notice the modern building in the first photo that looks like a Mayan temple?). 


Villahermosa is located on the Grijalva River, and is subject to periodic, devastating  flooding.  You don't want to be there during a flood.  See the flood photos below.


While you won't be drowning in women (bad flooding joke) in Villahermosa, there are many escorts there.  There are brothels , two strip clubs, and even an outcall escort service as well as independent escorts.  Many straight travelers report in horror that there are prostitutes everywhere, walking the streets, in hotel lobbies!  Just imagine your own shock and disgust, viewing a cornucopia of young morena flesh hoping for a couple hours of your time!  (And very little of your money.  The going rate is only around $400 pesos for an hour, $500 for two.)


If you and your partner speak Spanish and are into swinging, there's a new swing club.  There are also numerous ads by individual swinging couples looking to connect with other couples, and we have the links to where you can browse their ads and photos.