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Prokofiev got some help finding a brothel in Villahermosa (casa de citas) and tells us about it in another cityxguide.com forum posting.  "Things improved considerably last night when I had a taxista take me to a Casa de Citas. There are several of them scattered about town, but none really close to El Centro. This place was a house with an iron fence that enclosed the front porch. You stand out on the street and the girls each walk to the door and say hello. The manager stands with you on the sidewalk - along with a friend of his, the taxi driver and several people from the barrio. Saw 5 chicas and 4 were reasonable choices. Didnīt get a good look, but my choice turned out fine. Sonia 25, light complexion. Cute, but not stunning. Nice rack on a slim frame. Cost is 400 pesos an hour or 500 p for 2 hours. I took the 500p option and we left in the cab.

I understand that the 400/500p cost is standard and was the same price another cabbie had told me for a different house. You can go to a hot sheet motel or back to your own. Since I wasnīt sure my hotel was chica friendly, we went to an auto-hotel- very private, by the hour. Was 250p for 2 hours and a great room. Very clean and nicer than my hotel. The girl was very sweet, no rushing and I had the entire 2 hours. Not really a GFE, but very nice for the price. Highly recommended. So much better than the Strip club scene which would end up costing more.


Anyone have an experience sweeter than that?  Everything went perfect, it all felt safe, he got a girl he was attracted to and she treated him good.  If you have a story to equal it, we'd love to post it.  Contact us and tell us about it.  Personally, I don't recommend getting in a taxi and driving to an area you don't know.  There are risks.  However, gotta say Prokofiev sounds like he knows what he's doing.  If you're comfortable in Mexico, you notice when things don't feel right.  Violent crime outside the drug world is less common in Mexico than it is in the U.S.....especially in Tabasco, which by Mexican standards is a prosperous city.  A guy like Prokofiev would have sensed trouble from the cabbie and gotten out.  Cabbies have been known to deliver tourists looking for sinful things over to the street cholos for a commission on the robbery.  Instead, this cabbie knew the scene and told Prokofiev about the marketplace and its costs. 


Really unusual part of this story.  Why was the girl picked up in one location and enjoyed in a different location?  I've never heard to that.    Have you?   With hooker bars, you can go in side and spend a little time.  It's a public place.  The only logical thing might be some effort on the part of the padrote (pimp) to stay legal.  "Honest, Officer, the girls are friends of mine.  I don't know why the taxi driver brought this man to my door.  The girls didn't even come outside.  I don't run a casa de citas.  This man didn't even come inside my house."  Raro.  (Spanish for "Weird").