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If you are into interracial choices in your escorts, you'll love Veracruz.  There are three ways to meet a girl  in Veracruz.  The best way is to contact an independent dama de noche and set an appointment.  One of the cool things about Veracruz is that many of the servicios eroticos you can use are from amateur housewives and students from other countries.  Eveyone in Veracruz speaks Spanish, few speak English.  None of the chicas on this page speak English. (Unless otherwise noted.)   If you're confident and have a little Spanish to work with, you'll have more girls to choose from with the independents.  If you don't speak Spanish, get a bilingual friend, bellboy or taxi driver to help you.   There are many, many girls to choose from if you go with an independent, Spanish speaking chica.  Choose from our list, below. The second is to call an escort service.  You might pay a little more, but it's as much of a sure thing as you can get.  (Nothing is certain with women involved!)  The third type isn't really a scort at all, she's a street walker.  (An escort used to be someone you WANTED to be seen with.  Do you want to your company party?)  


Ana - Speaks English


Hi, I'm a cute girl from Europe taking appointments in Veracruz and Boca del Rio.  I not only possess a beautiful face and body but a great personality as well.  I'm 100% D&D free.  Come and find out what European girls are all about.  You won't be disappointed. 





Italia - GFE, BBBJ, 69, Anal, Gangbangs

Bisexual; threesomes, foursomes, lesbian shows,


I'm Italia, and with my girlfriend I offer you a complete menu.  We specialize in threesomes.  We both enjoy kissing.  Imagine watching the two of us kissing and touching, and then joining us.  One of us will kiss you while the other sucks you without a condom.  Want to watch us eat one another?  We like showing off.  We both enjoy anal.  Bring your girlfriend, and we'll have a foursome!  Bring a male friend, and we'll have a gangbang.  I'll work with or without my girlfriend, but it's so much better with us both!  Spanish only.


2292 38 8360



Busty 21 Year Old Wants Anal - $800

Threesomes, Gangbangs, Cum in her Mouth, Face, Breasts


I'm a horny 21 year old, and super horny.  I'm a little chubby in all the right places.  Bring a friend and you both can be inside me at the same time.  I love a cock in my ass and one in my vagina.  I can handle up to 5 men at once. Where would you like to cum?  Its your orgasm.  Come on my face, in my mouth or on by breasts, it's OK.  Of course, you can come in my vagina or my culo.  Normal price is $800 pesos an hour including anal.  For $800 pesos, you can come more than once.  For $1,500, we can go all night.  Call me, Papi, I'll be the best you've ever had.  I only speak Spanish


2293 02 0381






I'm the girl who can satisfy your fantasies.  I'm a horny little bitch, affectionate and fun.  I love sex.  If you want a good time, call me.  Spanish only. 


7821 14 3700



Posa Rica - 30 Years Old

Has Girlfriends for Threesomes and Toys


Hi, I'm a 30 year old woman, clean, modest and sincere.  I'm not built like a model.  I am passionate, and have pretty girlfriends for threesomes.  I also have toys to stimulate you.  Spanish only. 


7828 29 7873



Jesica - Likes 69


My name's Jesica.  I'm just 20 years old.  I'm slender, dark, with good tits and ass, dark hair and clear skin.  My service is hot and horny.  I enjoy kissing and oral sex, especially 69.  Would you like me to knock on your door wearing nothing buy a babydoll?  Call me soon.


7821 01 4080



Yurissel - $2,500, 2 hours with Anal


I'm new at this, and willing to learn.  I am tall (5'7") with long legs, small waist and big breasts. I'm bored, and want to try a new lifestyle.  I've done anal and a threesome with my girlfriend and her boyfriend.  What would you like?  Spanish only.  





Tranny / Trasvesti


I'm polite and passionate, and I'm also a woman with a man's equipment.  Do you have a tranny fantasy?  Let's explore that together.  I'm clean, attractive and very discrete.



9221 18 3683





I'm Sandra, a 36 year old woman.  I'm horny and willing to come to you 24 hours a day in Veracruz and Boca del Rio to your hotel or motel.  I want you to call me so we can enjoy an erotic session together.  


229229 9468 o  229780 9732



Slender and 21 Years Old


I'm tall and slender, with a pretty face and attractive figure.  My work is my pleasure.  Call me soon.


2291 04 8786



Salma - "No Limits"


I'm Salma, an independent escort in Veracruz.  You'll get no bad surprises, just the best sex of your life. 


2297 80 6331




Deniss - $550 30 minutes, $700 One Hour


I'll treat you like a king, and you can call me 24/7.  My prices are affordable, and I'm a hot little whore willing to do sex the way you like it. 


2281 71 1135




I'm beautiful and the best, you'll never forget the time we share together.  Want to know me?  Sexually, I'm uncomplicated.  Cum wherever you like.  Do you like my photos?  I'm slender, pretty and willing.  Those are my real photos.


782 126 7809



Linda - 19 years old, $1,000 Pesos 1 1/2 Hours


Hi, I'm a pretty girl, very pale for a Mexican.  I'm only 19 years old, and I'll come to you anywhere, anytime. 


9211 67 7697



Monica - BBBJ

I'm Monica, and you'll love to hold me in your arms.  I'm pale, slender, with a flat stomach and 34B breasts.  I love sucking cock, teasing you, licking you, enjoying you until you cum.  I'll give you a bareback blowjob, without a condom. 


2291 88 0065



Minerva - Huge Natural Breasts, From Chile


I'm a mature woman with a slim waist, and big natural tits.  I'll give you a sexual massage, then fuck you silly in all the positions you love.  I'll come to you hotel in Veracruz or Boca del Rio until 10PM. 


2291 20 3252



Claudia and Lulis - Threesomes, GFE

We offer full service individually or for threesomes.  We enjoy kissing each other, and you.  Call for more information about our massage services.


044 2292 56 1862






I'm Sofia, a friendly girl with incredible service.  I'm not greedy, or gross, and love to take time to enjoy our pleasures.  I'm no more than 20 minutes your door.  If the line is busy, call back.


2291 87 3584





I'm Carolina, the one you've been looking for.  I'm little more than a girl, slender and pretty.  I like pleasing men.  10AM to 12PM, midnight. 


044 2297 71 2196



Damita - $750 Pesos


I'm 25, clean, tall with a nice plump ass for your enjoyment.  I enjoy oral sex as well.   Just $750 pesos.  3PM to 11PM to your hotel or motel. 


7821 21 0599



Sofia -


I'm Sofia, a girl with a nice rear end for you to have sex with.  I'm hot for you to call me.  Let's make memorable moments together.  ….


7821 66 3674



Your Doll - GFE, BBBJ, Anal. 

I'm a 20 year old horny girl, attractive and willing to guarantee I'm the best you'll find in Veracruz.  I'll suck you and fuck you however you want it.  I'll let you inside my ass if you're not too big.  No limits, everything you want.  24/7, Veracruz, México.


2721 29 1823



Busty Teenager- 40D Tittys, $700


Do you like big-breasted teens?  I'm 19 with 40D breasts and large, dark nipples.  I'm a tall Mexican girl, 5'8" and I need to lose a few pounds.  I like both oral and vaginal sex, yours for only $700 pesos.  5PM to 11PM, anywhere you want me, including your home.  


782 888 5997



Pale Mexican


I've got a great ass.  My brown eyes, long, dark hair and a big, round ass.  I'll come to you in Boca del Rio or Veracruz 24 hours a day.



Samara - Smells Good, BBBJ, Deep Throat


I'm 33, but look younger.  I wear good-quality perfumes.  Let me give you a natural blowjob, without a condom.  I like to deep throat . You can take me anyway you like, but most men can't resist cumming in my mouth.   A blowjob as good as this doesn't happen often. 





Sarah Dessire


I'm Sarah Dessire from the state of Jalisco.  I'm a part time teacher, part time escort.  I can be a  little shy, but once I get started I'll enjoy our sex as much as you do.  Call me, and let the pleasure begin.  






I'm Adriana, a 23 year old hooker offering my services in Puerto Veracruz and Boca del Rio.  I'm really pretty, dark and well-proportioned.  My skin is smooth and without stretch marks or cellulite.  I look much younger than I am,  which excites many men.



Married Escort


I'm a married lady giving service to gentlemen throughout the Veracruz area.  Does it excite you think you'll be fucking another man's wife?  I'm a respectable woman until the sex starts, then I become a dirty, cheating whore. 





Marina - Huge Dark Nipples


I'm Marina.  Call me, I'm different.  If you want, I'll stay beyond our time.  I want sex, more sex, all the time.  There's nothing you want that I won't give you.





Betzy - "No Restrictions"


Most men like my ass.  That's what they say my best feature is.  I think my best feature is my face, but I could be wrong.  I'm 24 and willing to give you everything, no restrictions.  I think we both know what you're going to ask for.  Most men like my ass.





Elizabeth - Hooker Housewife


I'm a housewife who likes the extra money, adventure and sexual variety being an escort gives me.  It also excites me when I'm with my husband, after I was with you.  I pretend it's you while I have sex with him. 


2292 12 1082



Angie - Tranny / Travesti



Would you guess that I wasn't born a woman?  My name is Angie, and I'm a very feminine shemale.  Call me from 8PM to 5AM.  I'm respectful, polite, clean and discrete, but very passionate when the sex begins.  Give me at least an hours notice so I can freshen my makeup. 


2291 53 4542



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