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Check out the new strip club in Tulum, Pecados.  ("Sins".)  It's by the Tulum airstrip. 

The new  Coyote Uglies strip club is just across the street from the Bodega Aurrera .  (That's like a Mexican Wal-Mart.)  There's another called Cabaret, that some inexperienced guys had a problem with.  Small strip clubs in tiny towns are hit and miss.  If you find a girl you connect with, it can be a blast.  If you're faced with one tired gordita with a bad attitude and no energy, it's better just to turn around and leave. 


On a traditional travelers forum, one guy (obviously not a Monger) wrote "Stay away from the bar called Cabaret on the main strip near San Francisco mercado. It is a very dirty strip club that will try to take your money by charging you whatever they feel like. ($84USD for two beers, their excuse was 4 beers for the strippers at $15 each). They pretty much kidnapped if you do not have the cash on hand. And the girls were disgusting."  Have you ever had anything like this happen to you?  We haven't.  We've been overcharged a little, but not like this. We picture two fat nerd guys with striped shirts, plaid shorts, blacks shoes, skinny white legs and cameras around the neck talking too loud, finding fault with everything and annoying the wrong padrote.