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blowjob during a  privado in a strip clubIn Mexico, boys will be boys, even with business entertainment.  There are strip clubs in Toluca, but they are targeted towards Corporate High Rollers with an expense account.  It's not outrageously expensive like Monterrey, but unless you have the coin or absolutely have to have the strip club experience, there are cheaper ways to have sex in Toluca. 


An anonymous writer says "There are some strip clubs such as Travares, El Eden, Cars Bar, Flamingo and Safari where you can find 5 to 8 caliber women but the best and most expensive is the Dow Jones. This club imports girls from Europe and South America!  Most girls are 9 or 10 but the prices are very expensive for Mexico. You can easily drop $500.00 or $800.00 U.S. on drinks, table dances and lap dances without getting laid!! These girls are not cheap and want as much a $300.00 U.S. To go home with you after they stop working at 4 a.m. "  What Anonymous may not know is that you can usually pay a bar fine (anywhere from $400 to $800 pesos normally) and just take her out when you're ready to leave.  Also, NEVER use dollars in Mexico.  At best, you'll pay too much.  At worst, you'll get hurt by advertising yourself as a rich Gringo begging to be robbed.  Convert dollars to pesos as soon as you can, preferably at to a bank.  Banks offer the best exchange rates.


I Like To Dance (that's his nom de internet) says "The Lancaster is on Paseo Tollocan or at least right in front of it. PT is like an interstate, the road that runs along side of it is where the action is. If you head east from the hotel about a mile there are two clubs. The one with the cheap action is the one that says BAR in neon. Looks a little scary but its safe, just pay your tab as you go. They want to start you a tab so they can screw you. The girls drinks are 60 pesos a piece the girls will try and push for a double (same size) fuck em. I noted they don't even fill the glass they put a glass in upside down to make it appear full. I generally went in picked one out and went back to the hotel."  I Like To Dance brings up a good point that's been made in other cities.  Don't use your credit card in Mexican strip clubs.  The main reason is that even if you speak Spanish, Mexican padrotes (pimps) look on Gringos as walking cash machines.  You're making it easy for them by using your credit card.  It's standard practice in strip clubs to pad the bills.  They assume you're drunk and won't notice, and you're rich and won't care.