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brothel girl with amazing ass kneeling on the bed, legs spread wideAn Anonymous writer tells us about a bar without a hotel attached.  While technically not a brothel, it's close enough for us.  "Los Arcos on the west side of town is my favorite as you get some young, amateur girls, 6 and 7 with an occasional 8, from the surrounding small towns, looking to make a little extra money. The beer is cheap and the girls will leave the bar with you at any time you like. The usual cost is $20.00 U.S. to the bar and $75.00 to $100.00 U.S. to the girl for four hours in the local hot sheet motel. You must negotiate what you want the girl to do (blow job with or without, anal, exc.) before you pay your money and leave the bar as the girl will just try to give you straight sex, in the missionary position with double rubbers unless you have been specific during your discussions."   While talking in dollars is good for forums, NEVER party in Mexico with a credit card (your bill will be outrageously padded) or use dollars instead of pesos (You'll lose at least 20% through the bar exchange, while the bank will only charge 3%).