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Tlalnepantla is also called Tlalnepantla de Bas, after the revolutionary hero Gustavo Bas.  Being just a few minutes from downtown Mexico City, many people make the mistake of thinking Tlalnepantla is just a satellite burg.  Mexico City is just easier to say.  (It's pronounced "Tah-LAL-nuh-PAN-tahla).   Amazing for it's size (population around 700,000) Tlalnepantla is one of the top three most heavily industrialized cities in the country (with Monterrey and Naucalpan.) It also has 15,000 retail businesses, including the Mundo E Mall.  There are two major pyramids just outside of town with historical significance.  Many business people visiting the area prefer to stay in Tlalnepantla rather than Mexico City.  The twelve lane Mexican Highway 57 cuts through the city.  To serve all the out of town guests, some of the best known hotel chains in the world have properties in Tlalnepantha, including Sheraton, Crowne Plaza and Holiday Inn. 


Also there to serve the out of town guests are some of the best strip clubs in the area.  Mongers in Tlalnepantla go to Mexico City to pick up girls off the streets.  Mongers in Mexico City come to Tlalnepantla for the strip clubs.  Ironically, most of the strip clubs are on Ave. Gustavo Bas.  What would revolutionary hero Gustavo Bas think of his name being associated with one of the best strip club streets in Mexico?  He might at least wish these escorts didn't work so cheap. There are reports of $100 peso privados and girls leaving the club to spend the entire night for as little as $800 pesos.  (The report claimed that was everything; bar fine plus paying the girl, full service, all night.)  Guys on forums say the going rate for ATM (ass to mouth) is a $200 additional tip.


There are plenty of escort services and independent escorts working Tlalnepantla.  There are more ads and websites mentioning anal sex than anywhere else in Mexico. It's not common for Mexican girls to take it up the ass, much less compete for the business.  In Tlalnepantla, it sounds like they enjoy it.  With independent escorts, the going rate for an hour most often mentioned is $700 pesos, while the occasional busty young beauty queen / porn star asks $1,500.  Of course, the escort services are more.  There are many massage parlors offering both outcall and happy endings.  Our favorite is the massage parlor outcall service that offers two girls capable of giving an excellent, legitimate one hour massage for $1,000 pesos.  Threesome sex is additional, but available.....and expected.  If you're a businessman visiting Tlalnepantla, consider the potential sales increases if you attend your meetings feeling really good, with all the tension released from your body.