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Experienced mongers don't use the massage parlors in TJ.  However, for a Down and Dirty Massage (probably without massage) experience, try Mermaids Massage.  In a place like Cancun, gentleman willing to pay a premium can get a VIP massage/blowjob/full service experience. Tijuana's different.  Most guys looking for a hooker usually go to the Zona Norte and either get a prostitute off the streets or pick one up in the strip clubs.  If you really want to try Mermaids, ask for the $80 "special"....$40 for the room and $40 for the masajista. 


Be careful on the streets of Tijuana.  The TJ police are corrupt and dangerous.


A monger with the handle 5RB on TJ Amigos described his Mermaid experience.  "  We went up to the room. $35 for one hour. Her usual rate is $80 and I didn't try to negotiate-last time I paid her $80 and I don't like to try and bargain, especially since I paid her that rate last time. The sesssion was above average. Vaquera, perrito, a little mish, CBJ, and she gave me a nice shoulder massage at the end. I gave her a little bit of massage before the guy said time was up. I did get shorted on the hour . Got between 40 and 50 minutes total in contrast to my last visit."


Another TJ Amigos monger named JoeSchmoe puts another coffin nail in rating Mermaids.  It sounds like you have to be pretty determined to go there.  "Classic line-up whorehouse. If you want to have a number of girls looking at just you and getting to choose the less ugly one of the lot for a covered F&S in a closet size hot room upstairs and spend over $100 the place is for you. If you do like the place then agree to full-service and not $$$ for the room or massage, a 1/2hr should quote $80 but considering there lack of business you can probably jaw them down to $50-$60 since they are competing with bars across the street. Forget about the "massage" since the girls know nothing about massage, only pay for that if you want to look at them naked. They offer cheap beers so if you want to drink in the dark downstairs alone you can probably get a beer for a buck or two. This is also a Nevada type brothel experience-I believe, having never been to a Nevada brothel , so everyone may want to try it once. I did waste time and money with a young hottie at New Body, we just sat on the bed talking until the time was up. She wanted too much after we got to the room. Don't fall for the mistake of paying for the room with the hawker telling you to discuss the price with the girl once you get to the room, since you already paid and are "screwed. "  In other words, go to Adelita's. 





We have many attractive girls who are willing to do more than give a professional massage.  We offer 1 hour and 1 hour and a half sessions.   Look for Elegantes Spa.


Ave. Revolution between 5th and 6th



Wendy - Nude Massages


I like being naked when I give a massage.  It's only fair.  You'll be naked to.  I'm a new in town, but I know what I'm doing.  If you want to leave after the massage is finished, that's fine.  But if you want more, I'm your girl.  Most men tell me I give the best blowjob they've ever had.  I can tell if you want slow and sensuous, or hard and fast.  I don't need a condom if you don't.  You can come in my mouth and I'll swallow.  We can have sex too.  It's up to you. 


6643 09 9673


July - Breast Massage


Do you like my 36DD breasts?  I'll give you a choice between a tradition massage or my own specialty, a breast massage.  I start by oiling "my girls" (my huge breasts) and rubbing them up and down your back.  When you're ready to roll over, you may want to stop the massage and start the action you really want.  Have you ever come on a set of breasts as big as mine?  Maybe you'd like a blowjob, or full service sex.  Call me and I'll tell you about my services. Spanish only.


044 (664) 528-7973   julyvalencia1@hotmail.com


Fatima - Massage and Sex for $60 USD


What is it you want, my love?  Most guys don't want the massage to last too long.  That's good for me too, because I'm very horny.  Kiss me if you want.  My mouth is always nice and fresh, at least at the start.  You see, my specialty is oral sex.  I have a talent for blowjobs, because I enjoy giving them so much.  Sometimes my guys think they want to have normal sex, but don't want the oral to stop.  It's better without a condom, don't you agree.  Splash in my mouth.  I'll suck every drop out of you for the hottest BJ you've ever had.  Spanish only.


6643 05 1970


Maria - Best Nipples in Tijuana


Invite me to your hotel room.  Take off your clothes and relax on your bed while you watch me undress.  I enjoy giving massages.  It gives us a chance to get comfortable.  Tell me what you want.  I only speak Spanish, but with hand signs and happy sounds, you can tell me what feels good.  Do you like big, dark nipples?  I've got a great pair.  You can touch me while I touch you.  After, I'll give you oral or normal sex, whatever you like.  Call me 9AM to Midnight.  Spanish only. 


6642 66 7765



Pamela - Masssage with One or Two Girls


Enjoy a relaxing massage with an hour and a half session.  We come to you either together or separately.  Any hotel or motel after 8 at night.  We give full service.  Call for more information.  Spanish Only.





Diana - Happy Ending Massage in Her Apartment


Let me give you a full service massage.  You will feel, relaxed, refreshed and 100% satisfied.  I'm never in a hurry.  You'll find my apartment is clean, well-decorated and comfortable.  I'll massage you with oil, lotion or powder.  Would you like me clothed, or naked?  I love the transition between the massage and sex.  Of course, I give full service.  Chose from a handjob, a blowjob or full service.  (Most guys like all threes.)  Call me for all the juicy details.  I only speak Spanish. 


6643 11 8303