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These girls are divided into groups.  The first ads are chicas who speak English, followed by Spanish speaking girls.  Prices can be confusing, because some girls list them in pesos, some in dollars.  We've tried to help by translating the Spanish ads into English, but only a few sex companions in TJ speak English.  Unless we say otherwise in the ad, assume they only speak Spanish. 




Carmen - 18 Year Old, Loves To Pretend She's An Innocent Schoolgirl

Speaks Some English


Carmen will insist she does escort work because she needs the money for school.  But in a moment of honesty, the thrill of having sex with a foreigner is what really makes her hot.  This is not a girl who will look at the clock.  She's barely legal, and horny as hell.  She wants a lot of sex, over and over.  Are you up to it?  She has a 1 hour price of $120 USD, but her 4 hour price is only $360.  She makes it affordable because she hopes you will make her cum again and again.  Let her wear her schoolgirl outfit.  She loves to pretend she's 14 years old, seduced for the first time.  Visit her VIP page for more photos and prices.  Service is Ensenada, Rosarito, Tijuana. 


6461 21 3081


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