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Short version?  There aren't any permanent brothels in Tijuana.  They're illegal.  The housewives of Tijuana understand the sex trade with Los Gringos.  However, they're not gonna put up with the boys stopping off on their way home from work at a casa de citas. 


Everyone has different definitions of sex words, and "brothel" is no exception.  We define a brothel as something like a hotel where you walk in, the girls line up, you pick one, and you go to a room on the premises.  (Think "Mustang Ranch" near Las Vegas.)  Tijuana doesn't have any brothels that we are aware of.  You'll find traditional brothels further away from the border, where Gringos are the minority. 


We define a "hooker bar" is where you go to meet an escort, pay the bar fee, then take her somewhere else.  This is Adelita's model.  We list these under "escorts".  A strip club might have a hotel attached, but if the girls dance, we list them under Strip Clubs.  Massage parlors are a little easier.  If the pretext for having sex uses massage as foreplay, it's under Massage Parlors.   If you feel strongly about correct word usage and think we're all wrong, contact us and make your case.     


Tijuana is not your typical Mexican City because the clientele for escorts (a nicer word than prostitute) includes such a large percentage of Gringo tourists, often residents of neighboring San Diego County.   Over 95% of the "sex for money" trade in Tijuana either starts on the streets with a SW (streetwalker) and ends in a nearby hotel, or starts and ends in the many strip clubs.  These clubs can be on the first floor of a hotel, where you take the girls you meet in the bar.


If you know of a traditional brothel in Tijuana, please contact us.  BTW, if you're new, a brothel in Mexico is usually called a "casa de citas".  That literally translates into "house of dates".