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Tepic is a city where most people are just passing through.  It's an urban center of an agricultural area where they grow sugarcane, tobacco and fruit trees, with a population of around 300,000. Being inland, there are no ports or beaches.  The only person of historical significance to come from Tepic was some guy who co-invented some contraceptive.  There isn't much to see, but Tepic is mostly free of drug violence and crime.   It's a small city with a strategic location.  Two rivers touch Tepic.  The main road from Sinaloa (Mazatlan, Culiacan and points north) cuts through town. The road branches in Tepic.  Travelers going south continue to either Guadalajara or Puerto Vallarta.    There are a lot of people on the highway.  Many stop.  Some want escort services. 


Believe it or not, Tepic is becoming a mongering destination.  This small city between Here and There offers more than roadside restaurants and motels.  There are as many as 6 strip clubs, brothels, street walkers, independent escorts and a lots of little escort services.  This wealth of sex is for the convenience of Mexican men who are on the road away from home.  It's probably the most affordable sex of any city in Mexico.  Attractive independent escorts are asking as little as $300, with the going rate at $800.

Without sharing specifics, a monger calling himself Five10 says on the International Sex Guide Forum, " Greatest pussy in Nayarit? Tepic, Mazatlan, and Culiacan in that order." He went on to tell stories about mongering in the casa de citas.  All the girls he went with were very young (we hope 18), passionate and innocent.  One even forgot to collect the money.  This isn't Playa del Carmen, where the escort services recruit ambitious, professional women from all over North and South America.  These girls are students trying to work their way through college, or young housewives discretely helping the family and having fun doing it.


If you're planning to drive between cities and will be passing Tepic, spend a night or two there.   Not convinced?  Read more about this little gem of a city.