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Tepic, like most Mexican cities that aren't diluted and polluted by Gringo sex practices, has a wealth of brothels, brothel bars and hotels with "special" room service, where they send several escorts for you to choose from.  You'll need serviceable Spanish or an interpreter to make this work.  If you have a car, it might be less expensive to use an independent escort or a streetwalker.  Brothels are more convenient and often have excellent choices.  However, if you just get a basic hotel room (try Las Americas or La Sarita, both for around $150 pesos a night) this isn't Cancun, where they charge you up to $300 USD for an extra person in the room.  You should be able to get a hooker into your room without problems. 


One traditional Casa de citas is Club Galilea's at Camino Viejo a los Metates #127, opposite del Foquito Rojo.  One hour in a room with condom and the girl of your choice runs $500 pesos for the girl, $320 for the room; total $820 pesos, plus tip.  331-210-2761,  331-120-9108,  Cell 311-162-3767.


Another brothel is El Turista (appropriate) located at Lerdo #1230 in Colonia Lomas Altas.  Phone 311-216-1895 or 311-120-9108.  They list a room cost of $400, without named the cost of the girl.  


An interesting concept in brothels is Hacienda Lu's.  It's an after hours club with rooms.  The strippers go there after work. It's like a second job.  Cost is $1,500 for the girl and the room.  Lu's opens at 2AM and closes at noon.  If it's late at night (or early in the morning) it might be the best place to find top level escorts.  


Brothels change locations and girls with dizzying speed.  The best way to find a brothel is usually from a taxista.  The trick is to find one that doesn't recommend a brothel based on the commission they will receive.  Even if you have a car, it's hard driving around in strange neighborhoods trying to find an address. 


Guadalajara Don says on the CityXGuide " There are a couple of motels on the Libramiento that will send 4-6 girls to you room to choose from. Expect anything from a 3-10. "  That's quite a range.  You don't know whether you're getting Mariah Carey or Rosie O'Donnell.


GringoPaul wrote us about his Tepic experience.  "When I was in Tepic, I didn't have internet access to find an escort.  I hired a cabbie.   I speak basic Spanish, and asked him whether he would recommend a strip club, a street hooker or a brothel.  He said the strip clubs were expensive, but that I might be able to get a good street prostitute for less than $500 pesos, plus the room.  He drove me around to see the streetwalkers. Nothing appealed to me, except one gorgeous tranny.  He/she was actually pretty tempting, with a pretty face, plus great tits and ass.  Nice personality too, but I wasn't ready for a walk on the wild side.  The cabbie then took me to a casa de cita (brothel) but the madam didn't want to let me in.   She said she'd send me her girls instead.  It wasn't a nice part of town, and I was OK not staying.  Instead, the cabbie took me a decent, clean, secure and inexpensive hotel, and left to go back to the brothel. The madam sent her four best girls, and they arrived 30 minutes later. The cabbie delivered them and sat down to wait for me to choose.  The girls lined up. They were all about a 7, none ugly and none drop-deal-gorgeous.  All were well dressed and had done their makeup.  I was low on money, or I would have kept them all. Three were shy, and kept their eyes down. One looked me in the eyes and smiled. I asked them each individually if any of them would give me kisses on the mouth or suck me without a condom. None would. I picked the one who made eye contact and thanked the others for coming.  I paid the cabbie $200 pesos, about $15 USD at the time, and he was happy. I had his services for about an hour and a half. 

My young puta undressed, and I was glad to see her titties were firm and her stomach flat and without birth scars or stretch marks.  I guess she was around 18,  slender but not bony.  She had an especially nice ass.  The sex was really good, but not great. She wasn't shy, and seemed to be into her covered blowjob.  She kept eye contact the whole time, which was a real turn on.  She was passive for vaginal sex, but seemed to enjoy it as I flipped her over and over, on her back, on her stomach, then back again. She laughed and talked, not sexually but normal conversation. My Spanish is adequate, but I didn't understand everything. We were both having fun, a nice friendly fuck.  When I came, she was tender and attentive. She got a washcloth from the bathroom and cleaned me up first, then herself. She curled up in my arms and we both fell asleep. Some time later the cabbie returned, and she left. I was careful to watch her to make sure she stayed away from my wallet and suitcase. I had paid $800 pesos and was happy. The street hookers wanted half that, plus the room. I would do it the same way again.
"   In a new city, a good cabbie can be a lifesaver.  It's an unfortunate part of mongering in Mexico that most brothels are in bad parts of town. 





 Tepic Escorts Tepic Strip Clubs Tepic Massage Parlors Tepic Bro thels Tepic Swingers