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Tampico is a beautiful seaside city on the Gulf of Mexico.  Along with Veracruz and Monterrey, it is one of the biggest port facilities on the East Coast of Mexico.  (Technically, the main port facilities are in tiny Altamira, Tamaulipas, Mexico, a couple miles north.)  There have been settlements in this location for thousands of years, but the modern city was built up during the original oil boom of the early 20th century.  For a time, Tampico was prosperous.  This wealth is reflected in the gorgeous architecture around the town square, which reminds many people of a Mexican Miami Beach.  Tampico has seen better times, but the port keeps the economy afloat.  They export a lot of oil, as well as silver, copper, lumber, produce and drugs.  Tampico is one of the last remaining strongholds of the Gulf Drug Cartel, along with Matamoros and Monterrey.  You and your escort can relax, though.  The violence is nothing compared to border cities like Juarez.  While the occasional shooting makes the news, (there was a shootout in one of the strip clubs in 2010), you're more likely to be inconvienced by tropical storms, which locals watch for particularly in August, September and November
.  Hurricanes are rare.  The weather is warm, and sometimes uncomfortably humid.  The most dangerous things in Tampico are the highways in and out of town, which are narrow, poorly maintained and lined with speed bumps to keep crazy Mexican drivers from using them as their own private race courses.  Particularly after a heavy rain, you don't want to travel at night.  There is no highway lighting, and none of the familiar reflectors you find in the U.S. and Canada.  Bridges frequently wash out, and can remain unrepaired and unmarked long after the storm.  Also, the roads are subject to frequent check points.  Check points can be created by the military, the police or the cartels, depending on who controls the area.  It's not a joke.  Do a little research about road conditions before driving. 


Once you get to Tampico, you'll agree it was worth the trip.  Escorts are plentiful and cheap.  They are independent or  delivered by escort services.  The independents have ads in the newspapers and online.  You'll find most of them walk the streets.  Tampico has a zona tolerencia (tolerance zone), downtown and close to the port.  You'll probably not see another gringo.  What you will see are extremely attractive young scorts offering servicios eroticos.  Call a taxi if you want some help, but everything is easy to find and the girls are everywhere.   They're in the strip clubs, hooker bars and outside the hotels on street corners.  Going rates range between $300 and $1000 pesos, depending on beauty, facilities and services offered.  With rates this low, we recommend telling the girl what you want and asking what that will cost.  You're just 300 miles from Monterrey, where you'll pay 3 to 10 times as much.  Pick the sexiest girl you can find.  Tell her how long you want to go, and exactly what kind of sex you want.  It's a buyers market, and everyone knows Gringos tip well.  (Sorry, Canadians.)  Expect to get the best sex you've ever had, and pay the cheap amount she's asking for.  You can afford exactly what you want in Tampico.