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In the four square block Zona de Tolerencia (Tolerance Zone) just off the main square you'll find what you're looking for.  There are strip clubs, street hookers, escorts and hooker bars.  A hooker bar is the bastard child of a strip club and a brothel.  In a hooker bar, the club makes money by selling drinks and bar fines.  (A bar fine is what you pay to take the girl out of the club.)  The girls don't dance and there aren't any rooms.  You find the girl, buy her a drink, visit and negotiate.  Then you pay the bar fine and take her to a short time hotel.  Don't worry, she'll know where to go.  The hotel will charge a fee for anywhere from 15 minutes to 4 hours.  You need to find out two things about the hotel while you negotiate with the girl  at the bar; how long, and how much.  If you want a longer time at the hotel, don't discuss it with the girl; it's not her decision.  Talk about it when you get to the hotel.  There's nothing worse than buying a full hour from the girl, then having some angry hotel employee banging on your door telling you after 15 minutes that your time is up.  Rates will vary, but if it's over 800 pesos for the girl and you're not very excited, say "no gracias" and keep looking.  Don't be afraid to switch girls and/or clubs.  There are too many opportunities in Tampico to settle for someone you're not attracted to.  One way to tell an experienced monger in the Hobby from a newbie are the words "no, gracias".  Especially in towns like Monterrey, Veracruz and Monterrey, a guy with experience knows you may speak with as many as 5 different girls before you get the sexual chemistry that leads to a memorable experience.