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We could not find specific information on brothels in San Luis Potosi.  They are probably too high on peyote (San Luis Potosi is famous for tall, stupid escorts and peyote production.)  In most cities, if you are looking for a whore house, simply get in a cab and ask for what you want.  In a city the size of San Luis Potosi, there are bound to be many brothels.  Ask "donde esta las casas de citas"?  In Spanish, a casa de citas is a "house of dates", a lovely euphemism for whore house.  They are also called "burdeles", which is a more direct translation of  the word "brothel".  These locations change frequently, because the police require protection money just like the Mexican Mafia.  Sometimes owners get squeezed from both sides.  It's easier to change the address.  They don't advertise, but with a good network of cabbies (taxistas) they stay in business.  Don't pay more than $1500 pesos.  Ask in advance is the girl will do more than just allow you to climb on.  For example, if you want anal, kissing or a blowjob without a condom, these are extra services which cost more.  A good idea is to find a taxista to help you, and pay him to negotiate for you.  ($50 pesos minimum, $200 maximum.)