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La Iguana seems to be the main strip club in San Felipe.  Kinda looks like the Titty Twister from those Dusk Til Dawn vampire movies, doesn't it?  We have heard two others mentioned; Bar Christy and El Imperio.  Regulars complain about the lack of girls.  Are you kidding?  How many girls can a town of 15,000 support?  Our opinion is....you only need one good one, right?  Read their comments on the Baja Nomad Forum.  According to Dirty Dan, the going rate is $135 USD for full service sex in the club.  He also says their is good "free action" from tourist girls at the regular clubs.  "The non-professional girls at the clubs aren't very difficult to take back to the condo if it's a busy weekend.". 

Dirty Dan reports two separate experiences at La Iguana."Met a girl (7 on a scale of 1-10) in the club and discussed pricing $130 full service (in the club including the clubs cut) and $100 if she came back to my condo.  Happened to run into her and a friend at a taco stand on the Malecon after she got out from work at the club.  She came to the condo performed BJ and Sex with condom for $100.  Sex was very good "  His second experience was even better.  "She was a 7.5.  Decided to do it in the club for $135. She walked me to the back room talked with one of the waiters in the back (couldn't hear but presumably about giving us privacy). After she gave him the club's cut we went down a little hall and around a small wall that ended in a dark space the size of a dressing room with a padded bench and did the deed. BJ and Sex with condom. She was an exceptional lay and a nice girl. Very good experience". 

If anyone has other detailed information, please contact us with a current report.  Let everyone read about what you've experienced.  If you don't have a real story, we'll settle for a fantasy involving Selma Hayak!