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The sleepy village of San Felipe is about 140 miles south of the border on the Sea of Cortez.  It's not a border town, nor a big cartel drug center.  It's known for fishing, auto rallies, and it's odd tides.  (At low tide, the ocean can recede a kilometer.)  It's a family spring break destination, with a normal population of 15,000 that can grow to 30,000, depending on how many tourists and part-time residents are visiting.  Outside of tourism, there's a little shrimping and other fishing.  People come to bake on the strange beaches.  How will they know if a tsunami is coming when the ocean pulls out of sight with every tidal change?  Off road enthusiasts visit to race their vehicles across the sandy desert, have rallies and argue with environmentalists who want everything set aside to preserve unusual cactus plants.  (Those are cardon cactus on the right.  "Cardon" means "thistle" in Spanish.)   What else can you do in a dry desert community where it regularly gets over 40C (104 Fahrenheit) in the day and under 0 C (32 Fahrenheit) at night.  Hmmm.  How about drink and chase hookers? 


So....where are the chicas in San Felipe?  There aren't many options for mongers in San Felipe, but that's probably not why you're there.  Sometimes you get lucky and find individual escorts on the malecon.  There are strip clubs in San Felipe; La Iguana and Bar Christy.  If you're interested in swinging, there's a swingers resort here called Club Wet Baja.  It's over 100 miles to Mexicali, 150 miles to Ensenada and 230 miles to Monterrey.  A whoring trip across Baja might sound good after a couple drinks early in the evening.  When the TJ strip club closes at 4AM and you're wasted beyond belief,  you'll wonder why you just didn't settle for the desert diamond girls at La Iguana.