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If you're looking for the ultimate strip club experience, you're 20 miles too far south.  Go to the clubs in Tijuana's Zona Norte.  However, if you're in Rosarito, chances are you're looking for a little peace and quiet.  (Piece and quiet?)  You have to gear up emotionally for a trip to TJ.  Maybe you just want a quick trip and an early evening. 

Club Bada Bing is the best known Rosarito Beach strip club, just 5 miles south of town. It's been around for years.  Reviews are mixed, but keep in mind that the same reviewers have been spoiled by Adelita's and the Hong Kong Club in T.J.   Virgins is another famous name, also south of town. Some guy brought a camera (definitely not recommended) and got some interesting photos from Virgins.   Taboo is in town.  Chicks and Beer and Club Fantasy are two more strip clubs that are mentioned.  Not all may be open for  business.  Like the tumbleweeds that roll across the highway, strip clubs grow, die out and blow away, only to be replaced by new ones.  Rosarito Beach is a small place.  You'll not have any trouble finding the strip clubs there. 

Even if you have your car, we always recommend taking a taxi to a strip club.  The police in Mexico are unpredictable and corrupt.  Unless you have a designated driver or plan on drinking soda pop at the strip club, pay the price of a cab.  Drunk driving isn't a game in Mexico any more than it is in the United States or Canada.  The worst nightmare of any Gringo is being on the side of the road on a still, dark  night with an underpaid corrupt cop who doesn't speak English.  He may be under orders to take care of tourists, but if he's short on cash and thinks he can get away with it, he'll give new meaning to the term "toll road".   The Spanish word you'll learn is "mordida", or "the bite".  Got a story to tell?  Let other's read about your experiences.  Contact us, and we'll reprint your advice or information here.