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La Yegua (the Mare) and Punta G ("G Spot") are the two Queretaro strip clubs mentioned most often. La Yegua could have been put in the Brothel section because they have an attached hotel.  Those of you who have enjoyed similar places in Tijuana will feel right at home. 

Dollar_Bill writes about La Yegua on cityxguide "Just a little report to let you know current pricing at La Yegua. Prices for first drink (rum, wiskey, water, or softdrink) = $105 MN (same price for whichever). 2nd drink ~ $65 pesos.  Private dances (in private booth) = $200 MN (1 song)  1/2 hour (10 min tolerance time is allowed so you can get 40 mins if you can dress very fast) session in room = $1500 pesos. I did a really cute (slim with very nice figure) from Tampico that quoted me $3000 MN for a couple of hours outside of club in hotel. I think that is too high, but got her nextel radio # just in case I find a huge bag of money somewhere."  At an exchange rate of 12 pesos to a dollar, she was asking $250 USD; not bad for a really good U.S. prostitute, but outrageous for Mexico.  You can tell Bill is experienced.  He listened to the big head, which told him to walk away.  In The Hobby, knowing when to walk away separates the Men from the Tourists.  Nice job, Bill. 

On 21andover, a writer calling himself Mexico Guide writes about La Yegua. "One of the best brothels in central Mexico. On Calle Heriberto Allera about a hundred feet south of the intersection with avenida Constituyentes. The building has no street number but all the cab drivers know the place. The front door faces a Pemex station on the corner, across the street and one long block west of the Hotel Flamingo. From the outside La Yegua would appears to be a windowless warehouse taking up most of the block, but enter and you find yourself inside a motel like building with dozens of rooms facing the inside paved courtyard where there is parking for several dozen cars. You can even drive into this courtyard at La Yegua to park. Once inside, keep to your left to enter the display room which is a windowless low-ceiling room about 30x40 feet with a pole on a stage in the middle and a wet bar against the wall. The walls are lined with chairs and there are chairs and tables filling the room. Some of the girls do striptease and dance on center stage. If you see a white haired lady, sometimes she stays behind the bar it's Duena the owner manager. The mandatory first drink costs $100 pesos, girl drinks are $50 pesos each. About 60 girls live and work on the premises. Several high mileage old pros, but most are under 30 and 7-10s! You will need to be able to speak some Spanish here to get the maximum benefits La Yegua; it is far enough south of the border that gringos are the exception and not the rule. The clients here are well-dressed and mostly young Mexican executives. Asking prices seem to be about $1000 pesos for an hour in the girls' room, but can be bargained down to about $750 pesos. Make sure the price includes the room fee. Once agreed upon a price, your girl will lead you out of the display room to the courtyard and ask you to payment up front."   Great post.  It has prices, location and directions and is dripping with local flavor.  Just keep in mind prices go up and down with the economy.  60 girls? Well dressed clientele? $750 pesos for an hour with a 7-10?   

El Austriaco wrote an exhaustive report on Punta G on cityxguide a few years ago.  "Minimum consumption: 120.00 pesos. A compulsory tip of 10%, total NMP 132.00.  Girl drinks: single NMP 70.00, doubles 140.00. Double drinks require you to sign two boletos. I'll provide a story about this practice below. Table dances (one song): NMP 70.00. Privados (one song): NMP 140.00.  Privado especial (with CBJ, length of three songs): NMP 700 pesos.  Some girls do salidas, others don't. Must inquire yourselves.

Went there last Friday, definitely the busiest night of the week, and there were a whopping 16 girls there. I was also explained that if you buy a full bottle (rum, tequila), you get a complementary table dance. Had never ever heard anything like that. Also, at one point in time, all the girls were on stage, another new element in the choreography.

As soon as I arrived there, one girl, Noemi (from Veracruz, big DD fake boobs), came over and sat with me. She asked for a double ladies drink, which I agreed to. Waiter came, I signed the TWO boletos, fine. Then, I took her to a privado, which essentially sucked. Very unenthusiastic, no DATY, let alone French kissing. Not my cup of tea. Sent her on the way immediately afterwards.

When it came time to pay the check, the waiter presented me with FOUR boletos for TWO double ladies drinks. Two with my signature, two with another one. When I inquired, I was told that Noemi had ordered another double drink and signed the boletos herself since we were on the way to the Privado. I refused to accept this explanation on the basis that the standard procedure was clear: a girl orders a drink for herself only if and when I give my approval by signing the corresponding boletos and that, under no circumstance, any girl anywhere has the right to sign on my behalf. Ultimately, this posture was accepted by management, although it took nearly half an hour of hammering that point home to the waiter (who is my standard waiter there, and a friend who lives in my neighborhood), after threatening to never ever come back (and to a certain extent, I could be considered a regular there), after threatening to report this incident on different message boards, and after ultimately suggesting to call the police if they failed to take this charge off my bill. Ultimately, Management's common sense prevailed, although it was time-consuming and unpleasant, needless to say.

The difference on the tab was 140 pesos. Not major, but I just hate unacceptable behavior as described above, especially considering that I've spent some dough there, introduced several people to the joint, and never ever have caused any sort of problem or treated anyone with less than full respect there.

For me personally, this is the end of ladies drinks at Punto G once and for all. This was my first bad experience, but actually, I never liked the concept of ladies drinks, anway. I go to watch the girls and get my hands on them, not to talk with them and drink with them. Period. Or to use another golden rule I did not follow: I just pay for the girl to go away afterwards (and not to spend time with me). Considering that Management ultimately recognized their mistake, I'll give Punto G another chance sometime in the future, but with added precautionary measures.
"  Thanks for the information, Austriaco.  Another solution is to never pay for girl drinks.  When drinks are $70 pesos and a dance is $70 pesos, which would you rather have?  Unless you are fluent in Spanish and sitting with some D cup student, the hookers you meet for the most part don't have much to say.  Let them dance.  If you want to keep them at the table at minimal cost, alternate songs.  Dance, rest, dance rest.  As long as you're buying or promising to buy, they'll usually stay with you. 

Another alternative is to simply to pay the bar tab as you go.  The disadvantages of this system are obvious.  You need to have a lot of change.  MEXICANS DON'T EVER HAVE CHANGE, no matter where you go in the country or what kind of business it is.  The cash machines give you mostly $500 and $200 peso notes, which only the most expensive restaurants can easily deal with.  If you're planning on mongering at night, go to the bank in the daytime.  Get a shitload (technical international monetary term) of $20, $50 and $100 notes.  If you don't have change, you either have to tip outrageously or hassle with the waiters and padrotes.  The advantages are that you instantly detect ripoff attempts.  It's damage control.  Also, if you monger long enough, you'll have stories about wanting (needing) to leave suddenly.  We don't recommend a fast exit if you haven't paid your bar tab. You'll find out very quickly how far those 3 karate lessons you took 10 years ago will take you.   If you pay as you go, you can be out the door in seconds.  Do you find this a hassle?  No problem.  Get the bill at the end of the evening after you've had a few, and argue in Spanish about who bought what and when and for how much.  Unless you're local and experienced like Austriaco, you'll lose every time. 

The most important part about Austriaco's story is to be prepared in Mexico for being overcharged.  The second part is that the disputed difference was $140 pesos, or about $11 USD.  It's Mexico.  It's how things are done.  The titty bars aren't the only places where they pad the bills.  Tranquilo.  Relax.  Pick the important fights (arguments) and let the rest go.  We would have done what he did for the same reason.  You can't let your favorite strip club know that it's OK to pad the bill.  Next time, it would have been more.  They're like children, trying to find out what they can get away with.  Great job and good post, Austriaco.