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For businessmen, Queretaro is voted the second best city to do business in Mexico, behind Monterrey.  For mongers, Queretaro has as many beautiful hookers as Monterrey, without the high prices. See our Escorts page for listings with photos.  The city has a population of about 1,000,000, and great infrastructure, with good roads, clean water, clean streets and excellent telecommunications.  They have the only airplane manufacturing facility in Mexico.  This not only creates job opportunities, it creates opportunities for new companies.  Queretaro has manufacturing companies producing machine and auto parts, electrical equipment, food processing, paper products, printing, chemicals and glass. The Queretaro climate is steady, hot and dry, staying between 85 and 95 all year long.  The rainfall is almost exactly equal in amount to Seattle, except for delivery.  Seattle rain is really drizzle all year long.  Queretaro gets almost all of its rain in torrents in June, July and August.


According to Wikipedia, supposedly, the founding date of the city was July 25, 1531.   During a battle between the Spanish and the natives of the area, an eclipse occurred.  Saint James on a white horse carrying a pink cross supposedly appeared, causing the natives of the areas to surrender.  Pink cross?  Was it a gay surrender?  Queens of Quertaro? How do stories like this get started?  Anyway, tourism now accounts for 20% of the economy.  There are lots of old colonial buildings and big churches, the people are enterprising and proud of their town.  They've even got a trippy sound and light show on Friday and Saturday nights at La Pena, a huge monolithic rock that dominates the Queretaro skyline.  With all the foreign investment, you're more likely to find local Mexicans speaking a little English. 


Apparently, the comparisons with Monterrey don't always apply.  Monterrey is an international city, with beautiful, predatory women with prices being driven out-of-sight at the best clubs by businessmen with expense accounts.  Queretaro has blended brothels and strip clubs with beautiful hookers at affordable prices.  There are escort services.  There are also many working girls advertising independently online, with believable photos of unbelievably beautiful young putas, offering sex at low prices.  You'll love Queretaro.  It isn't a common destination for sexual tourism, but it should be.


If they're taking suggestions, how about a little Pink Floyd music to go with the La Pena light show?  Maybe all the women in town would surrender this time.