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Swingers in Puerto Vallarta


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We're not aware of any swing clubs in PV.  However, there are plenty of online swinger ads on Mexican websites that let people advertise for free.  If you speak Spanish, you can either place or answer a local ad for swingers in Locanto or OLX.  They actually have sections set up specifically for swinging!  The photo on the lower left was taken from one one of these ads. 


If you've never had a swinging experience in Mexico, with real Mexicans, there can be culture shock.  It's more than a different language.  Someone making U.S. minimum wage would be considered extraordinarily well off.  By your standards, they may have cheap clothes, cheap makeup and the perfume they wear especially for you may give you a headache.  Mexican women don't discriminate against older men, and white people are considered physically beautiful and culturally rude.  The women are naturally gorgeous beyond expectation.  Like the U.S. most women in The Lifestyle are bi, but like the U.S. you always have to check.  Your Spanish doesn't have to be great, but you do have to know enough words to set up the "cita".  (A cita is both a social date and a business appointment....convenient, huh?)  


If you're a swinging couple or single female looking to hook up with a couple, we will place your ad for $300 pesos.  Send us your information at paul@escortsofmexico.com .  Single men are welcome.  Using up to 200 words, describe yourself/yourselves and what you are looking for.  A photo is not necessary, but you probably won't get any response without one.  Couples with photos of both the lady and the gentleman get the most response.   If you'd like to send a photo and have us blur your face before publication, we'll do the Photoshop work for an additional $50 pesos.