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Finding Girls For Sex in Puerto Vallarta


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Puerto Vallarta is the small city everyone's heard of.  With only 250,000 people, it's world famous for being a tourist destination, and their prostitutes.  It's not a new place to find servicios eroticos. They've found evidence of human habitation around the time of Christ.  The Ameca river valley made agriculture easy, and later the area was developed for mining in the sierras.  The river divides the Mexican states of Jalisco and Nayarit, and Puerto Vallarta (Jalisco) from Nuevo Vallarta (Nayarit). We're treating PV and Nuevo Vallarta as the same place. The Bay of Banderas (banderas means "flag" in Spanish, and was not named for Antonio Banderas) has been used for legitimate trade, smuggling and a pirate port. However, the biggest draw in PV has always been the nice weather...and the escorts who service the ships. Puerto Vallarta is also famous for two movies filmed nearby; Night of the Iguana (Richard Burton, Elizabeth Taylor) and Predator, with Arnold Schwarzenegger. If you take the jungle zip line tour in the jungle 15 minutes from town, (recommended) they have a full size crashed airliner used as part of the movie on the tour.


If there are so many hookers in PV, why are they so hard to find?  Puerto Vallarta has a lot of strip clubs, massage parlors and hooker bars.  The escorts are available on the streets (streetwalkers, or SW), strip clubs or  through services.  Puerto Vallarta is the worst city in Mexico for online ads.  NONE of the girls advertising online are independent.  These ads are placed by the agencies.  Puerto Vallarta is the most dishonest place to hire an online escort in Mexico.  Better to go to a strip club.  Read our Beginner's Guide to Mexican Strip Clubs.  Even if you've been to clubs all over the U.S. and Canada, you'll save time and money by being prepared for these common Mexican scams.   


In many Mexican cities, a good taxi driver can be your best friend.  They usually know where best places to find girls.  In PV, there's an unholy alliance between many taxistas and the rip off clubs.  The taxis are paid $500 pesos to deliver you to the door.  The clubs add this to your cover charge or your final bill.  The answer?  Have the taxi drop you a half block away.   Tell him you will pay the fare (always get the price up front) but he will not get a commission.  Fares are regulated.  If they overcharge, they are breaking the law. 


Rip Offs are always possible when you combine sex and money.  With corrupt taxistas, dishonest internet ads, and even thieves posing as escorts, Rip Offs are taken to a whole new level in Puerto Vallarta.