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VIP Call Girls in Puerto Vallarta


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The escort services tell us that all the girls listed as independent are really associated with padrotes, madrotas and professional agencies in Puerto Vallarta. There are very few actual independent chicas working in town. Part of the problem is that PV is small in population, but huge in area. There is a narrow strip of land that runs parallel to the ocean to support housing. The areas where local people live are usually far from the hotels. The agencies can provide transportation, while most hookers cannot afford their own cars.

This makes the brothels and strip clubs easier for everyone. The girls show up for work in one location, then go home.

If you do decide to use an independent prostitute as opposed to having an adventure with a puta of the streets, in a strip club or brothel, ask them when they can come. If they're honest, the time to get ready and get a ride to your hotel might be several hours. On top of that, very few tourist hotels will allow "female guests" past the lobby.

Hiring a dama de noche in Puerto Vallarta isn't easy. That's why there are so many strip clubs, and so few independent escorts.



The Girl Listed Below is a Thief. 

She makes her money from theft, not sexual services


We have two similar reports, almost identical.  The girl below markets herself under multiple alisases, and uses different phone numbers.  3221 74 4322 is her current number.  One alias is Noemy, another is Melissa.  One of the emails she uses is sexigirlavila@gmail.com, which reads out as "The Best Girlfriends".  The scam starts with ads in Craigslist, Backpages and other free websites.  You will be contacted by someone different than the girl in the photo, but she will claim to be the Noemy or another alias.  This girl wants your room number.  You will be robbed, either by her or her accomplices.  Until the police can stop her, you need to be VERY careful. 


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