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Sexy Women in Puerto Penasco


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Like it hot and dry?  Puerto Peñasco is a beach city at the North End of the Sea of Cortez. Looking for the hot spots?  Try the PP strip clubs. 


Puerto Peñasco is located in the northwest part of the state of Sonora, 60 miles from the Arizona border.  It is located on the small strip of land that joins the peninsula of Baja California with the rest of Mexico.  The area is part of the Altar Desert, one of the driest and hottest of the larger Sonora Desert. Because of the lack of water, this area had no permanent settlements until the 1920s.  Puerto Penasco is a combination of  Palm Springs and Cancun, with just enough of Tijuana thrown in to make it interesting.  There are only 25,000 permanent residents.

To promote tourism, the city got to be part of the border “free zone” although it is about 60 miles from the border.   This means that you can drive from the U.S. to Puerto Peñasco without obtaining a visa.  Heck, it's almost like a Mexican part of the U.S. The prices are a little higher here, but you're paying for convenience.  One hour you're home, a couple hours later you're banging some little morena in the back room of the Gau Gau strip club.   Plus, the border crossings at Nogales or near Yuma, Arizona are nowhere near as bad as Tijuana.  You can drive down, have a few drinks, get laid and either sleep it off there or be back in your own bed before dawn.



Marsh reports in July, 2015 "Try Mama Sitas near downtown.  Less formal but a fun place and the girls are usually fairly good looking with a few a little fat to be in the trade.  Still a good spot and more casual then GauGau and the girls are more friendly."