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Chuchythentic writes "ya man went to puerto penasco on spring break 5 years ago and went in to a strip club where the chicks were giving BJs for 10 bux. thank god i didnt have anymore cash on me and i was way too drunk to be in there. one of my boys got one though ya to be young and dumb again...... no thanks".  You need a little more style, Chucky, not a little less age.  Not many hobbyists get sloppy drunk, then reveal their ignorance by talking about $10 sex.  A real hobbyist is like one of those classy guys who savors fine wines.  Once you learn some basic safety rules, you get better at it.  Your experiences become better and better as you learn how to pick girls, negotiate, and draw their best out of them.  But you need to start with a little class and at least an average IQ, Chucky. 


We can't find any info on brothels or casa de citas in Puerto Penasco.  If you know anything, please contact us.