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D2 Quick sent us this report in July, 2017.  "Having used your website thought i should help out.  La Vaca Loca in PE is operational.  Basically a strip club and brothel. I was there this week.  Reasonable women 7s and 8s. It started with me paying 150 pesos to buy the girl a drink and a lap dance. It lasted for about 10-15 minutes and nothing was off limits. In the first minute her top was off and i was sucking her nipples and giving her pussy a good rub.  A lot of crotch grinding.  Then came the real business.  There are 2 rooms at the back which you rent for 250 pesos.  One has some lounge chairs and tables the other has a bed.  You negotiate with the girl for her price. She started at 1500 pesos plus the room rent.  I told her I only had 600, which is all i really had.  I thought that would be the end of it but she wanted to keep dancing and with no pressure from me she kept dropping the price. She eventually agreed to 600 including the room rent.  We went in,  the manager checked to make sure everything was okay and told me i had 20 minutes.  She got to work straight away.  A bit of a covered blow job and then lay back on the bed with her legs spread.  3 positions.  She was a bit mechanical a few smiles a couple of laughs and very light kissing. When i was finished she got dressed and that was it. So for about US $40;i got a good lap dance and got laid.  There are 2 other places as well.  Ladies is about 150 yards further on and on the other side of the road. I've had a look inside and it looks like a very similar establishment.  There is another place near the airport Chicas Dulces (Sweet Girls).  Haven't been there but guessing its much the same. Hope all this helps."  Great story.  And what you said about the girl going from $1500 to $600 was a real compliment to you.  Mexican girls have retail prices for their services, just like a plumber or electrician.  What you did was make friends with her, and you got the "friend" price.  In Mexico, you'll always pay, one way or another.  If you returned and asked her to meet you for dinner, you'd make another transition.  The next service would be deep French kisses and oral without condom (to completion, probably.)  Mexican girls are forced into this lifestyle by economics, not any fault of character.  Obviously, you know how to treat a lady.  You are the type of gentleman that girls like this dream about. 


Toni's Bar is a strip club/ brothel at the edge of town.  http://www.tomzap.com/ladiesbar.html has info on Toni's Bar, the best strip club/casa de cita in P.E.  Rumor is that it's closed.  Too bad if it is.  A monger wrote about Toni's on an older forum report"On my last night while holidaying on the outskirts of Puerto Escondido, myself and my closest friend decided to frequent Toni's Bar. This well known and quite respected strip club proved to be something of a haven in more ways than one. Entering into the brothel we were treated like kings. The dimly lit atmosphere more than added to my enjoyment of the dancers on stage. Also I more than welcomed the free lap dancing that came with the purchasing of 8 bottles of beer.

However feeling that I needed more, a mere 200 pesos got me a personal lap dance with Mayra who seemed to know her stuff well. Leading me across the room I was deep in anticipation as to what tricks that she could show me. Seating me down on a chair I soon found out to my delight that the warning of 'no touching' did not apply within this fine establishment. Mayra undressed in a brisk fashion throwing her knickers off and skillfully guided my wanting hands to her large and very grabable backside and in time to other parts. Her technique was first class as she gyrated around me and left nothing to the imagination with her breasts in my face. This extremely enjoyable session continued for about 6 minutes and left me wanting more.

The whole experience was top notch and I would recommend both Tony's Bar and Mayra to anyone looking to get their jollies away in a safe and comfortable club. I would gladly return to the club again when I next visit Pto Escondido.

There is ample room in the car park and always an eager waiter to tend to your needs. Affordability means that if you leave out of pocket there is no doubt that you have had your moneys worth.

E Rod reports on March 23, 2017 "Tony's bar is now closed permanently but they opened a new one called La Vaca Loca  (the crazy  cow)."  As usual, your best source of sex information in P.E. will probably be a taxi driver.


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