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Escorts in Puerto Escondido


Puerto Escondido is a beautiful place for surfers, but not so great for finding hookers.  If you Google "Puerto Escondido", what comes up are surf reports.  With a population ranging between 20,000 and 25,000, depending on the swell, it's not got a local population that will support escort talent.  It's off the beaten path, and isn't a huge tourist destination for either gringos or Mexicans.  Searching the internet about sex in Puerto Escondido doesn't show much, except for one surfer dude who writes "....slightly epic.  There are no Bars Discos or prostitutes e.g.. not suitable for the average Gringo surfer dude ."  When the economy sucks, so do the wives and students.  You'll find ads for semi-pro ladies looking to make a little extra money in the online ads for independent escorts.  There's Toni's Bar (pronounced "tonisbar", all one word) on the edge of town, and a couple other listings.  Not your typical destination for sexual tourism. 


Can anyone explain how the houses are BEHIND the surfers in the photo on the left?


There is a new strip club in town.  (It may also function as a brothel and massage parlor.)


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