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The Mayan Riviera has a wealth of swinger resorts and nudist resorts.  (We assume they swap partners at the nudist resorts as well.)  The most common names are Desire Resorts, Temptation Resorts (now owned by Desire Resorts) and Hidden Beach Resort.  None are in Playa del Carmen.  All are within easy driving.


If you're not staying at these resorts, want to swap and speak a little Spanish, there are free local swinger ads on Mexican websites like Locanto and OLX .  The hard thing about these ads (other than they are in Spanish) is that Mexican couples are shy about putting photos online.  When you do get a photo, it's often a photo of the guy's dick.  We don't know many people who would select partners based on a grainy penis photo.  


One of the best places to search for links to other swingers is the nasca website.  Nasca is both an organization and a website.  The website lists over 3,000 swing clubs worldwide, travel agencies with swinging information, and individual ads.  If the idea of being on a cruise ship with several hundred swinging couples is appealing, check out the website at  The Swingers Cruise.


If you're a swinging couple or single female looking to hook up with a couple, we will place your ad for $300 pesos.  Send us your information at paul@escortsofmexico.com .  Single men are welcome.  Using up to 200 words, describe yourself/yourselves and what you are looking for.  A photo is not necessary, but you probably won't get any response without one.  Couples with photos of both the lady and the gentleman get the most response.   If you'd like to send a photo and have us blur your face before publication, we'll do the Photoshop work for an additional $50 pesos.


Desire Pearl Resorts & Spa Riviera Maya

The folks at Desire Resorts suggest Desire Pearl if you are curious about swinging, but not sure.  It's couples only and clothing optional, so there is definitely a sexual atmosphere.  Even if you don't end up exchanging, you'll have a great time.  It's a high end resort with a great staff, endless gourmet food in multiple restaurants (it's all inclusive) and activities from early morning to late at night.  The activities are all designed to help you get to know your fellow guests, but there's no pressure or obligation to join.  If you and your partner (couples must be male-female) just want to get some sun, the clothing optional policy and private location assure getting a great tan.  It's closer to Cancun than Playa del Carmen, but between the two cities.  If you do decide to take the plunge (and we aren't referring to the excellent diving nearby) you might find yourself in the Sin Room.  This is a couples only orgy room where you can either soft swing and have sex with one another and watch other couples or do a complete swap.  Whether you're ready or not to do the exchange, Desire Pearl will be the first class vacation you'll always remember.  For more information, visit the Desire Pearl website. 

Desire Resorts & Spa Riviera Maya


If you've been swinging for awhile, and want to go where the most action is, you want Desire Riviera Maya.  Like Desire Pearl, it's "all inclusive", couples only and clothing optional.  It's also located between Playa del Carmen and Cancun, but is closer to Cancun. The "action oriented" atmosphere is reflected in the themes of the nightly adult entertainment.  The parties all have themes, and you'll want to dress for the occasion.  Naughty Schoolgirls and Nerds is always a favorite.  What would you wear to Bright and Tight night?  Bring your sexiest undergarments for Lingeirie Night.  Leather and Lace is often the kinkiest night of the week  Don't worry about shopping ahead of time.  Everything you need is available at the resort.  If you're a swinging couple looking to hook up, get an "all over" tan and have your best tropical vacation ever in an atmosphere of decadent luxury, visit the Desire Riviera Maya website for more information. 

Temptation Resort & Spa Cancún

Temptation Resort and Spa is not in Playa del Carmen, it's on the water in the hotel district in Cancun.  It's "over 21" and both singles and couples are welcome.  If you're a swinging couple looking for a threesome, this is the club for you.  It's a beautiful club, but less expensive that Desire Pearl and Desire Riviera Maya.  It's also less secluded, but just minutes away from all the fun in Downtown Cancun.  The all inclusive price includes their 10 restaurants, bars and discos.  There is fun both day and night, with plenty of "get acquainted" fun, with games like Battle of the Sexes and The Corn Hole Tournament.  The entertainment at night is put on by the hotel staff, and is definitely erotic.  It's "topless optional" by day, and naughty shows at night.  Enjoy the tours of the best Cancun discos, where you can join your new friends you met at Temptation, or hook up with non-Temptation guests.  At Temptation, you can swap partners with other guest couples, have a threesome with other guests or meet new friends in the Cancun night spots.  Visit the Temptation Resort website for more information. 


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