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If you want a high class hooker from a reliable and trustworthy company, it's hard to beat Playa Escorts.   They're definitely not cheap, but a "sure thing".  Expect to pay more than the minimum unless your needs are simple, and don't forget the tip!  Playa Escorts caters to Americans and Canadians.  (The tipping comment was more for our Canadian friends.)  The staff speaks English, but if you want an English speaking girl you need to ask for one.  They also have a beautiful incall facility, if you are looking for an adventure while traveling with someone else.  Fetishes, couples, male and female scorts....Playa Escorts offers everything.  They're just off 5th and easy to find, but they'll send a car for you if your prefer. 


Hablas espanol?  Tengo servicios eroticicos para ti!  One of the rewards of being bilingual is being able to use ScortsPlaya.  They are an all Spanish service.   The website is in Spanish, and all the girls in the photos (and there are a lot of them) look very Latina.  No prices listed, but we expect they'll be less than English speaking girls.  Likewise for Masajes Ejecutivos and Sexy Chicas Mexicanas, two all Spanish services. 


ScubaKevin has a good post on escorts in Playa del Carmen.  He even names a couple girls to ask for.  Worth a look.



Don't Speak Spanish?

Use Our Translation Service


Want to find a girl, but don't speak Spanish? No problem. Let us help. For $500 pesos (about $38 USD) we'll use our bilingual skills to call any escort you like. As long as you're reasonable in what you're looking for, we'll call any girls on our pages, or any of the other websites where independent hookers advertise. Pay at any Oxxo convenience store, or if you're in the US you can use Western Union or PayPal. We'll have dozens of girls for you to select from. "Spanish Only" Mexican prostitutes are usually much less expensive (and much sexier) than the bilingual girls. Usually your savings will be greater than our fee. (You'll always save money,  if you compare us to a Cancun escort service.)  To get started, contact us. Tell us what type of girl you like, what kind of sex you want, and the price you're willing to pay. If you're reasonable, we can have a beautiful (and inexpensive) "spanish only" escort knocking at your door in as little as 30 minutes. You don't have to speak Spanish to have amazing sex with a beautiful Mexicana.



Playa del Carmen Escort Service


Playa del Carmen Escort Service is the Gold Standard on the Mayan Riviera.  First of all, everythings is in English, except the girls.  The website is written in English and the people who set appointments speak English ....you won't need a word of Spanish.  They'll pick you up and take you back.  It's first class all the way.  They are associated with Prestige Escorts in Cancun.  There is some overlap with the girls there, with a total of 9 female escorts (and 3 men) listed in PDC.  Their service is available on an incall or outcall basis, at the same rates.  Prices are $300 to $400 for the first hour.  (Their escorts only get $100 of that, so tip generously.)  This is one of the most expensive escort services in Mexico, with beautiful women and excellent service .


Local (984) 873-2116                 USA and Canada: 011-52-984-873-2116

playaescorts@gmail.com     www.playa-escorts.com


Scorts Playa


If you have the patience, check out the Scorts Playa Website.  (It took over 30 seconds to load the page, with our high speed cable connection.)   Their website and service is all in Spanish.  However, there are advantages.  One is that each girl lists her menu on her profile.  If you like anal, for example, you can find your girl easier here.  Another advantage is the photos.   Once loaded, they are beautiful and much more revealing than the those on the Playa Escorts.  It's hard to hide imperfections when you're naked.  The final advantage is sheer numbers.  Scorts Playa has 40 escorts.  There is not a price mentioned, but they will be a much more affordable alternative to English Speaking options.    


Local 9841 16 23 78                 USA and Canada: 011-52-984-9841 16 23 78


Masajes Ejecutivos (Executive Massage)


They have 4 escorts in Playa del Carmen, but there are also listings in Cancun, Mexico City, Monterrey, Guadalajara, Puebla and Cuernavaca.  They have listings for escorts, masajistas (massage escorts) and transsexuals.  This is a directory, not a service.  The site is in Spanish, but many of the chicas speak English. You contact the girls directly.  The Masajes Ejecutivos website is easy to navigate.  Click on the photo of a chica, and you're taken to her page.  Her complete menu is there, along with pricing and lot's of photos.  Prices start at $1,500 pesos, about $120.  The girls are very beautiful,  all 7+. 



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