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It's hot in Obregon.  Obregon is a farming city of 500,000 people in the heart of the Sonoran desert.   The local Yaqui Indians were tough motherf******s, and the Spanish conquerors never were able to take the fertile valley.  There is a Western flavor to the town, but it comes from early settlers, not conquerors. Obregon is the second largest city in Sonora and is situated 326 miles south of Arizona. It's named for Álvaro Obregón, who became president of Mexico after the Revolution and initiated an "agricultural revolution" in the Yaqui Valley. Obregon is one of the breadbaskets of Mexico.  With a lot of wide open spaces just outside of town, it's a Mecca for hunters and other sportsmen.  Come to Obregon and kill stuff (see the lower photo to your left), or talk about wheat crops.  It's not famous for independent escorts.  However, you can find sex for sale anywhere in Mexico.



Mongers don't go to Obregon looking for hookers.  Name another Mexican city of half a million without a strip club.  That's right, we're not able to find a listing for a single strip club in town.  This is a wealthy, conservative farming community.  Anytime you have half a million people in a Mexican city, though, you're going to have damas de noche.  It's kept quiet.  They are not in a Red Zone, on the streets, or through the doors below the neon lights. However, there are plenty of online escort lists and retiros, or "no tell" motels.  The independent escorts offer their outcall services using free websites similar to CraigsList and BackPages.  They usually restricted to hotels, motels and retiros.  (A retiro is a uniquely Mexican experience worth knowing about.)  Obregon is a city where a good cab driver could help you find action.


If you know of a girl, a club, or anything else we're missed in Obregon, please contact us and tell us with as many details (price, location, 10 scale escort beauty rating, services offered) as you can provide.  Pictures are appreciated.