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Prostitution is heavily restricted in Obregon.  The leading citizens of this farming community have pushed sex-for-sale far into the background.  That doesn't mean you can't find what you're looking for.  You may find hookers just outside of town, in bars and other establishments.  Ask your cab driver or hotel staff.

You may want to take them to a "no tell motel".  These are best described in a Lonely Planet forum thread, with the best entry offered by RLM.  "Retiros, or No-tell-motels are always found in the outskirts of a larger town on the way in or out. Always have a wall around it and an entrance which prevents you from looking in. In my experience they seem to favor a yellow color for the wall. They may be called "Auto hotel", or "Motel" and a name. There are NO motels as in the USA or Canada.

One I favor is called Motel Paradis, another Auto hotel El Jardin. One thing to remember is that there are no keys provided, you drive into a garage to park your car and in some cases pull a sort of tarp like curtain to close. The ones I stay in have proper garage doors with an electric closer.

You will either have to bring your food with you to eat in or eat before you get there. Some have food you can order by phone, but most do NOT speak English so you will need some Spanish. Also to tell them you will be there for 12 hours ( 6pm-6am), otherwise you may have a rude awakening at 2 or 4 am to get you to leave.

I usually pay between 350 and almost 500 pesos. But I also take a "habitacion" con jacuzzi! You ask for un habitacion, and not a room (cuarto)!!!!
"  With retiros, you bring a girl you find somewhere else.  Occasionally, the retiro will have girls in the lobby to choose from.  Unlike strip clubs, where you get about 15 minutes with the girl of your choice, retiros are designed for longer stays.  If you want to have a girl in and then sleep like a normal hotel,  make sure to negotiate that in advance.  It's not normal to stay more than a couple hours.  If you have a hotel in town and a car, this is the way to go. Some hotels don't allow prostitutes in the room.  The Retiros, or No-Tell-Motels are a great place to take a puta.  The whole idea of the outer walls is privacy.  The garages are an extra privacy bonus.  Some rich farmer looking to bang some local sweetie can pack her into his pickup, drive into the gates of the Retiro, and from there on it's instant privacy.