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Oaxaca (pronounced "oh-wah-HA-cah") is the the largest city in the Mexican State of Oaxaca.  (New York, New York?)  It's a tourist city, but people come there to see the ruins of older civilizations, not to find escorts, strip clubs and casa de citas.  Other than tourism, Oaxaca is big in mining and manufacturing.  The population of the municipality is around 250,000.  Oaxaca claims to be the culinary capital of Mexico, and has some of the finest architecture as well.  Think chocolate and churches.  It's sort of like being both the Paris and Rome of Mexico.  If you're in Oaxaca, check out Alameda de León plaza.  It's not Tiananmen Square in Beijing, but it's pretty damn impressive. Oaxaca is a clean and cultured city, and nothing like the border towns.


The city of Oaxaca is also well known for its sex scene.  There are at least 3 strip clubs, and maybe more.  Because it's inland, it's not got a steady stream of horny beach tourists driving up the prices and making the locals hate Norte Americanos.  The result is plenty of low-priced sex.  Pick out one of the beauties at the strip clubs, drink for hours, have sex there in the club, and pay less than one quarter of what you would pay in Cabo.  There are brothels (ask your cabbie) and beautiful prostitutes walking the streets, escort services and individual escorts advertising.  These beautiful girls are asking anywhere from $200 pesos on up.  The highest price mentioned was $800 from an escort service.  Privados at a strip club runs $500 pesos.   


What's different about Oaxaca?  Two things; attitude and price.  The price is easily explained.  You're away from the border towns, so you don't get those "blended economies" driving up prices.  The tourists are here, but they're not high rollers.  Many are Mexicans visitors, coming to see what their world was like before the Spanish conquerors.  Everyone's here on a budget.  Prices for everything are low, including sex.  Plus, it's a nice kind of tourist.  They don't give the girls a bad time.  The girls can safely be nice.  Oaxaca  sounds like one of the safest cities in Mexico.  All these things combine to make a positive work environment!  Beautiful women with nice attitudes, willing to have sex at bargain prices. The Oaxaca map is lower left.  You really need to consider coming to Oaxaca. 


At left is El Arbor de Tule.  It's the world's largest tree, based on the size of the trunk.  It's located approximately 9 km east of the city (5 miles) on the road to Mitla.  It's nearly 40 feet across and 120 feet tall.  The gnarled roots suggest many animal shapes.  If you're in Oaxaca and have an hour to kill, it's in the churchyard in the town center of Santa María del Tule.  Take a date.  Maybe she'll be aroused.